• Pursuing your Passion is a Lonely Endeavor 

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  • 10 Reasons Why Having Two Kids Makes Me Feel Guilty

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Review: Carmel Wow Markers and Paint Markers

My kids really enjoy art especially things having to do with splashes of colors. More specifically, they like to let their imaginations flow whether with color markers, crayons, paints, or whatever else.

My Top Accomplishments as a SAHM, 2016-2017

Last month, I completed 2 years as a reluctant stay-at-home-mom. Woe is me, I know!! I summarized my first year as a SAHM in this blog post from 2016. At the conclusion of my second […]

Why I Canceled Canadian Thanksgiving this Year

Monday, October 9, is Canadian Thanksgiving or as Canadians call it, Thanksgiving. Every year since 2012, I have cooked traditional Thanksgiving meals for my family, especially my husband, and our friends.

Facing Reality

Recently, we have been meeting and chatting with life insurance companies so we can both secure a future for our kids and the surviving spouse should something unfortunate happen to either of us. We are […]

Pursuing your Passion is a Lonely Endeavor 

By definition, if it’s your passion, it is exclusive to you, the person with that passion. Sure other people may help fuel it or try drowning it out, still, the thrill, the energy, the work, […]

We’re Different, We’re the Same and We’re Wonderful – Review

The book begins with highlighting, first, the fact that we’re all different. How can our differences unite us? A perfect children’s book to help understand differences don’t have to divide.

The Little Big Boy Who Could…and Did

I have been away for so long now that I feel guilty I have missed noting and archiving important milestones in my kids’ lives. Regular readers of this blog know that my priorities shifted considerably […]

Part-Time Indian: Reasons Why I am an Indian…but not really (Part 2)

In Part II, I list three more Reasons Why I am an Indian…but not Really, or Why I am a Part-Time Indian: Clothing, Religion, and Food

Reasons Why I Am An Indian…But Not Really

Here’s why even though my passport identifies me as an Indian, I am actually, maybe, not one…then again, since when has a mere official document defined anybody completely, right?

Easy Lunch Idea for Kids: Chapati Tortilla Roti Rolls with Carrots, Paneer, and Hummus

A simple and easy recipe using carrots, paneer, and hummus to make a delicious and nutritious meal. Kids will love this. Mine do.

Sponsored Posts

If you are interested in creative advertising in the form of sponsored posts, please reach out at:     Here are two sponsored posts I published recently. Each one has a different format. Feel free […]

Reflections on my early SAHM and Pregnant Days

In mid-2015, we moved to San Jose from Chicago. We were parents to 1 child and I was pregnant with our second, in my first trimester. No thanks to the road trip and all the […]

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