Fun with Diaper Boxes

Sometimes I am a creative genius in terms of originality. Most other times, I am content recreating versions, not always successfully, of picture perfect toddler activities found on Pinterest, simple Google Searches, or other bloggers’ spaces. This particular activity is all me and I am really proud of it. It is by no means perfect but it kept my toddler busy for over 30 minutes and as every toddler mom or dad knows, those 30 minutes can be divine!

Depending on the age of your toddler, you may have to insert yourself into the activity at varying levels as I had to but I didn’t mind it. I was so happy for having come up with this activity that I wanted to participate in it with my child.


  • Empty diaper box – any size
  • Scissors
  • Construction Paper – or really any plain paper on which you can write (certain shiny/glossy ones won’t work as well, but regular art/coloring paper should work fine)
  • Glue
  • Markers, Crayons, Stickers, Fuzzy balls/puff balls, feathers, craft sticks – whatever you have, basically – all depends on you.


1.Cut the flaps off the diaper box (you may choose to tape the flaps together but I decided to cut them so I can have more of a box like container in which to store the supplies after the activity was over, in case my son wanted to revisit it the next day).

2.  Glue construction paper to all four sides of the box. (I used construction paper because I didn’t have larger sheets of paper. If you do, use those to cover all sides. Instead, I had to size construction paper and glue those to the sides of the diaper box which worked fine too).


3. Bring out the creativity – for this part, which is the actual activity and fun part, use whatever you can think of and that your toddler can creatively handle. As you can see I used markers, crayons, stickers – both regular and foam, little puff balls, and so on.


4. Enjoy for as long as your child can focus. If not, pack all the creative tools inside the box and bring it out the next day or the day after or whenever you need something to do again.



This is a great activity because there are so many sides to work on and may actually work great for older toddlers who can choose what to do on what side. For example, you can make one side about colors and use markers and crayons, a second side can be about stickers, a third can be for storytelling with colors and stickers, while the fourth can be made crafty by drawing faces and then sticking puff balls, googly eyes, and so on.



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