Toddler Activities

You know how there are some people who can simply look at something and know how it was made and do it themselves or people who can knit and embroider and paint and sculpt and draw so effortlessly well? I am not one of them. I am not a naturally crafty person but I do okay.

I can muster up good projects with some direction and step-by-step instructions with pictures thanks to some amazing DIY bloggers, websites, and books. In the last few months, I have been particularly fascinated by toddler activities that one can do at home without too much effort and hopefully without too much of a mess.

If there is a mess though, I am mostly okay with it – that’s part of being a child and one can really have happy memories of making a mess and finding joy in it too (even though my micromanaging want-to-always-be-in-control self can sometimes go on overdrive looking at messes).

Additionally, I am also proud of having come up with some of my own activities although I must say, given my non-crafty self, I am sure someone somewhere has already done it and done it with even better results and Pinterest worthy pictures. Who cares? I am busy patting myself on the back for my newly discovered effort-full crafty talent and my son is the beneficiary of that burst of newfound confidence.

Below, you’ll find some activities that are original, some that have been modified from and inspired by others, and a few others are entirely tried and tested ones (by others).


Homemade No Cook Almost Organic Play Dough & Cookie Cutter Creativity

This past Wednesday, with TJ recovering from a fever and cold and Baby E napping, we were indeed stuck at home and so I got excited about making the play dough at last. Continue reading…


Fun with Diaper Boxes

This particular activity is all me and I am really proud of it. It is by no means perfect but it kept my toddler busy for over 30 minutes and as every toddler mom or dad knows, those 30 minutes can be divine! Continue reading…


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