New Year. New Challenges. New Hopes.

After the balloons have descended, the ball dropped, the confetti cleaned up, and the champagne popped, what remains is just another year – A year that is ours to make what we can of it. 2017 is a year of promise. This year, my little boy turns 3 years old and my baby girl turnsContinue reading “New Year. New Challenges. New Hopes.”

Baby Milestone: Sleeping Through the Night. Not Yet.

1:17 a.m. I open my eyes and turn around to check the time. Silence. The house is quiet and dark. I especially try to listen to any kind of sound coming from my daughter’s room or, what used to be the parents’ bedroom. Nothing. I check her video feed. She is asleep. I fall back asleep.

Raising my kids in the US vs. India

First a disclaimer: I do not mean for this post to sound pompous or self-righteous. We all have to live by the consequences of our decisions and choices. One such decision I made was to come to the US for graduate studies. Sixteen years later, I call the US my home. Yes, India is alsoContinue reading “Raising my kids in the US vs. India”