Promises to myself: To be a gentler, calmer me. To always remember to wish my children a good morning and a good night. To always say our “I love yous”. To hug them and kiss them as often as I possibly can. To play and dance with my kids. To not use my phone orContinue reading “Promises”

Before I had kids…

Before I had kids, I would drag myself out of bed at 10:00 a.m. on weekends…ever thinking that I could do that as a mother…that was wishful thinking. Before I had kids, I could step out of the house at a moment’s notice…ever thinking that I would be able to do that again after IContinue reading “Before I had kids…”

Wishing upon a daughter

And then she arrived…just popped out, almost literally. I held her skin-to-skin almost immediately and the only word that came to mind was, “Perfect”. She is perfect. There she was, my little angel baby. My daughter. Words I never thought I would say – I have a daughter.