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November 15, 2016: TJ went potty in the toilet today. We did the training over the Nov. 12-13 weekend. He is officially potty trained. Of course, this does not mean that there won’t be any accidents. It just means that he is one more step farther away from being my little baby as he blossoms into a big boy. Sigh…it’s all good though. Aaron and I are very, very proud of him.

October 27, 2016: A first in Baby E’s life. She got to sit on the bucket of a grocery cart at Target all by herself. Usually, I either carry her or she is in a carseat inside the main cart but on this day, since it was only her and me (we had just dropped TJ off to school), I figured I would try seating her this way. It worked, but only somewhat. She kept sliding in it because she was still too little for it. I believe she would be able to sit more comfortably once she is old enough to pull herself up to sit more upright. She didn’t seem to mind it though and never complained. She was her usual pleasant self, looking around the store and exploring with her eyes and hands.

October 25, 2016: It was lunch time. Having picked up TJ from preschool, we were back home where he was playing with his Viking cars while Baby E was sitting on the floor by him playing with her stacking toys. I was in the kitchen getting lunch ready. Having realized that I needed to bend some of E’s food (I forgot to do this earlier in the day when he was at school and she was napping), I wondered what would happen next. Baby E usually cries when I run the blender. In the past, I’ve had Aaron hold her if I needed to use the blender while she was in the room. What do I do?

I decided to take a chance. After all, I am raising my kids to be brave. SO, I simply announced, “E..Mommy needs to blend some of your food. There is going to be a loud sound, okay? Don’t be scared.” TJ turned toward me and saw me holding the blender and its little container with his sister’s food in it. Then, quietly, as I observed (without saying a word), he took a few steps over to his sister. He sat down next to her and gently covered her ears with his hands. I confidently went ahead and blended the food, barely being able to see what I was doing, my eyes tearing up at what had just happened.

All done, with tears in my eyes, I gave TJ a warm and long hug, thanking him for being such a good big brother.

September 21, 2016: TJ surprised us by singing along to the ABC song. Baby E was getting fussy so Aaron suggested we sing that song to her and he started singing. I joined in and before we knew it, TJ was singing with us by actually saying the letters in the right tune. We were so impressed!! We have sung it to him multiple times before but he never really joined in. We asked if he learned it at school to which he replied in the affirmative. Yay! Early pre-school!

September 20, 2016: Although she did it once when I wasn’t looking, on this day, Baby E actually rolled over from her back to her tummy all by herself. Daddy, big brother TJ, and I cheered her on, clapping and saying, “C’mon baby”. The best sounding cheer came from TJ’s “C’mon Baby”. He thinks Baby is baby E’s first name and sounds so, so cute in the way he yells his cheer.

child-316211_1280September 6, 2016: TJ asked to use the toilet all by himself and out of nowhere. He crawled up to Aaron (we sleep in TJ’s room now. Read more about it here.) and said, “Daddy, pee”. WHAT!!! So Aaron rushed him to the bathroom. He wanted to sit. Thankfully, we had the toddler toilet seat ready to go. With help from Aaron, he sat, peed, flushed, and washed his hands. Just like that. He couldn’t really stand because the step stool was not low enough and he needed some help getting his night suit and diaper out but for the most part, he was simply ready.Yeah for us!


Of course, we have been doing the Potty Training talk for a few months now so this seemed like a natural progression of that but still, we didn’t think it would happen this suddenly. Even with knowing all that accompanies early potty training days, we are still excited to experience this new adventure in TJ’s life.


August 9, 2016: Aaron is out of town and this was my first evening alone with the kids. I was able to get them both dined, bathed, and in bed at their usual time. So proud of myself! We’ll see how the next couple of days go – my full days with my kids by myself.

August 6, 2016: Baby E tasted her first solids today. I gave her some Avocado as her first food. She had an interesting but predictable reaction to it. She did great overall. Being unfamiliar with what to do with the food, her tongue tried to push it out somewhat but I gently held the spoon next to her mouth so she could take it back in and she did. Later in the evening, I gave her some oatmeal cereal. Today (Aug 9), she did really good with more oatmeal cereal and some pureed carrots.

August 6, 2016: TJ was finally able to say his name today. We were so thrilled. We cheered and clapped and celebrated with…well, more claps 🙂 He had been trying for a few days but couldn’t quite put the syllables together. This day, out of nowhere, he just said it, out loud. I was in the kitchen, microwaving something and suddenly I hear, “J…”. I was so excited, I said YAYYYY!!! and started clapping. Aaron realized what had happened and started clapping too. We had Grandpa and Grandma on Skype at that very moment so they got to witness this live too and we all so happy for J. Then, Aaron asked, “What is your name” and TJ said, “J..  Batman!” Hahahahahaha Silly boy.

July 21, 2016: Baby E officially rolled over on her own – from her tummy to her back. She has been arching her back to reach for toys slightly over her head for a couple days now. So I know that the roll from her back to her tummy is coming soon. I can feel it!

July 19, 2016: TJ has started to get very clingy at bedtime. He wants us, usually me, to ‘tay just a little longer each night. I love doing it but have to be the enforcer of bed time too. Feel like the worst mom ever to not stay longer every night. I know this won’t last forever so I try to make the most of it at nap time as long as Baby E isn’t crying and needs immediate attention.

June 19, 2016: Major motherhood fail – At Target today, TJ was more than a handful. He kept yelling and screaming, throwing his snackcatcher on the floor, just being a really bad two-year-old. Tired and frustrated, I calmly told him that if he continued yelling, the people in red-shirts (Target employees) would come and ask me who was doing the yelling and I would have to point to him and then they would grab him and take him away. If he wasn’t the one yelling, I could honestly tell them that I didn’t know who the culprit was but because he was the one yelling, I’d have to give him up.

He completely bought into that and was so scared about being taken away that he almost had tears in his eyes and slowly moaned a ‘Mawwwmee..mawwmee’ OMG! As soon as I saw that, I could have drowned myself in a pool of hot soup. I felt so, so bad for making that crazy lie up scaring my kid. I spent the rest of the short time at Target convincing him that Mawmee would NEVER let anyone ever take him away. EVER. That Daddy, Baby, and Mommy loved him very, very much. I even picked him up from his cart and carried him till I could no longer do it and then handed him to Aaron to continue carrying him (after I sheepishly told him what I had done) Aarrghhh…I hated myself a little. Sad part is, had he not reacted the way he did, I wouldn’t have felt bad or guilty about having said that lie. What does that say about me? [it did completely quieten him down though. No more yelling or unruly behavior after that].

June 13, 2016: J’s vocabulary is on the upswing. He is picking up new words every single day and I can’t stop thinking how wonderful that is. Today’s words were chin, ear, cheap (he meant to say keep), keep.

Meanwhile E is really rocking side to side. I need to give her more tummy time which she seems to enjoy if she is well rested and full. She can almost make the tummy to back flip but isn’t quite there yet. She can raise her head quite well and sometimes rests herself on her knees with her feet crossing each other in air. Very, very cute.

Mombie: ThMom memeat’s me! I always end up staying up late. Even though I resolve to go to bed by 10:00 p.m. or 10:30 p.m. latest, eventually, by the time I get into bed, it is well past 11:00 p.m. Sigh! What do I do after the kids go to sleep? Both kids sleep by 8:00 p.m. on most days. After that, I am usually spending time just browsing the internet, blogging, making smoothies, munching on chips and almonds or just about doing anything that does not necessarily involve kids (even though I do spend time updating the kids’ baby books, J’s list of books read for the day, downloading pictures of kids I took that day, and so on).

June 10 – He has learned new words like sheep, and zip. Continues to pick up new words daily. I can barely keep up. I am so thrilled about this.

June 9, 2016: E slept from 7:45 p.m. to 5:45 a.m. Unfortunately, she never really went back to sleep after that but that was a good long restful sleep she got and I am glad for it. Because I went to bed at 11:15 p.m., I got a decent bit of sleep too but that is not enough. The amount of sleep I get these days is never enough. Sigh! One day I will sleep longer.

June 6, 2016: I switched E from napping in her swing to napping in her bassinet. Things have been going well but her sleep is not always undisturbed. Whilst she slept peacefully for long stretches of time in her swing, she hasn’t been able to get that same rest in her bassinet for her morning naps. Afternoons are better and longer but can always be improved.

June 3, 2016: Today he clearly enunciated ‘bath’. Love the sound of his voice. My sweet darling.

June 2, 2016: TJ learned to say “out” today. He has gotten good at sounding out the ‘T’ sound at the end of such words. Very, very cute. Only recently he started sounding out words like ‘hat’, ‘hot’ and ‘eat’ which until then were ‘ha’ or ‘ho’. He is picking up new words everyday. Love it!





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