Napbags by OC Daisy


I recently had the opportunity to review Napbags by OC Daisy. I was able to pick the design I wanted from their website (click the link above) and even had the opportunity to customize it with my son’s name.

The item arrived as promised but because we were out of town, I did not get to hold it in my hand until a few days after. On that note, mark that the company sends the bags via USPS so if you aren’t at home to pick up your package, you will have to pick it up from your post office. Though inconvenient, this is also safe because packages left unattended outside one’s doorstep are prone to theft, especially during the holidays. Why holidays? Read on.

img_20160917_133513254The gorgeous bundling of the Napbag inside its own blanket with my son’s name clearly embroidered on it made the product look extremely grand at the very first appearance. TJ was super excited to get his Napbag and immediately ripped the plastic packaging out.

img_20160917_133548342Upon ripping the plastic, we saw a beautiful “bag” like pouch holding the Napbag. At first I thought that the Bag was inside this carry-bag. But guess what? The whole thing was the Napbag! The nap bag comes rolled inside its own bag and with a handle too. Brilliant!

We rolled out the Napbag and all I had to do was pull the “stuffed” blanket from inside the bag  and let it do its thing. I was amazed at how big and long the bag was. The Bag also has a pillow attached to the end of the roll. It is the perfect size for a toddler’s head and fits neatly inside the bag. You don’t have to worry about packing a sheet, a blanket, and a pillow separately for a sleepover or a catnap on the couch. The Napbag takes care of all three in one convenient little bundle.

The Napbag has the feel of a large fleece blanket (super soft) that is folded in half. The open sides are partially stitched allowing for the napper to get in and out easily. It is long enough for short adults too. I am 5’2 and could still fit inside the bag. If you are taller, you may not quite fit in.

For more visualization, think of the Napbag like a regular sleeping bag that you might take with you on a camping trip. Unlike some sleeping bags though, you don’t have to crawl into the bag from the top or worry about zippers bothering little hands. You can easily slide into it from the partially opened side. Once you’re in, you can cover yourself with the open side and feel cocooned and cozy.


Upon opening it, my son immediately got into the Bag and cozied himself into it. He didn’t need to be told what to do. The ease of use is self-explanatory if a 2 year old can figure it out. He loved how soft the quality of the fleece was as did I. At night, he insisted on sleeping inside his Napbag on his bed.

The ability to have everything conveniently rolled into one small bag with a handle, a pillow that is attached to the blanket, and the available customization (+ $10) make it a superior product in my opinion. This is a great gift for the kid or kids in your family who have everything. The Holidays are going to be upon us soon so definitely consider this an option on your gifts list.

This is a convenient and fun thing to have for kids from the ages of toddler-12. TJ who is 2 could easily use it for many, many years.

A few things to consider – Payment is through PayPal. So if you don’t have a PayPal account that is something you need to take care of prior to your purchase.  When I tried to use the alternative method (they do accept credits cards), I got an error message from the website but this could just be my Safari browser. t.

The website does not make a distinction between Napbags for boys or girls but if you were to look for stereotypically girl-friendly colors or designs, every single one of them was a variation of pink or purple. The “boys’” designs are also the usual picks of sports, cars, and trucks.

I did reach out to Lisa of Napbags and she said that they have other new designs coming up  for girls that include daisies, dots, and red ladybugs in shades of blue, white, yellow, and silver. Boys’ new designs include dinosaurs in brown, orange, green, and yellow. I really appreciated how receptive Lisa and Karen, the ladies behind OC Daisy, are to feedback.

Final thoughts

It is a bag for napping and seems like a simple enough concept. Except, the people at OC Daisy took it up quite a few notches and put their own stamp of creativity on it. This is a great gift idea. If you have toddlers in the family and need to gift them something they can use a very long time, this a perfect choice. At $40 ($10 for customization of name), it is a little steep but considering how much use they can get out of it over the years, it will be money well spent.


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