Liquid Chalk Markers by Chalkola


Chalk Markers, Chalk Pens, Chalkboard Pens, Chalkboard Markers, or Dry Erase Markers…by any name are just a lot of fun to use and enjoy. I recently had the opportunity to review Chalk Markers by Chalkola and now having used it for a few days, and seeing just how much my little boy and I enjoy using them and discovering new surfaces to try them on, I know for a fact that these are really cool to use.

I received the following for review and TJ and I were very excited to start using them.


Chalk Markers – Pack of 10 neon color pens. For Chalkboard, Whiteboard, Window, Labels, Bistro, Glass – Wet Wipe Erasable – 6mm Bullet Tip – This packet included 10 medium size markers and a bonus 6 metallic markers’ set.


Chalkola Chalk Markers & Metallic Colors – Pack of 16 chalk pens – For Chalkboard, Whiteboard, Window, Labels, Bistro – 5.5mm Bullet Tip with 8 gram ink – This packet included 8 thicker jumbo sized markers.

Once you open the lid, you have to tap the pens into a slate/writing surface a few times to get the ink/liquid chalk flowing. This took a little while and a lot of taps, more than we expected. While Aaron and I were okay with this, TJ was losing patience trying to get the ink to come. I would recommend that adults get the flow on the tips going before letting a kid know about the markers or handing over to them if patience is a concern.

(You can see in the picture above (L) the plain tip of the Purple marker prior to tapping to get the ink flowing and you can see the saturated nib of a Red marker, after the many taps.)

Otherwise, TJ loved just tapping the pens so much that even now, when there is no need to tap them, he still just likes doing the taps (something of which I don’t approve because that just wastes the ink).

We were enthralled by how bright and smooth writing with these markers felt.


In the picture above, A, B, and C was written when the green liquid chalk ink had just started to flow. E and F were written progressively as the ink saturated the nib. The ink dried quickly but I did need to use a wet cloth when a dry one did not get everything off completely. Even after using a wet cloth, it left some shadow residue on the slate (see below). The Black regular marker was a little more reluctant to leave the slate surface and we still have it there (you can see it somewhat in the small red tapping picture above)


I have tried the markers on different kinds of surfaces but I am yet to explore its many possibilities. So far, I have used the markers on a slate board, regular painting paper for kids, a dry-erase board, window glass, and a plastic storage container. I have also used them to date hard copies of photographs. All of the surfaces have proven perfect for the Chalkola markers and the markers, to their credit, have been incredibly resilient, staying strong until wiped away with a wet cloth.


I have really enjoyed using these markers. I wasn’t even aware that such things existed until I had the opportunity to review this product and honestly, I really am thrilled about them. The only reason I don’t use them much is because I don’t want to run out of the chalk-ink. Hehehe.

TJ loves using these. We have tried all the different colors and they are just so vibrant! I am always thinking of new non-porous surfaces to try them on next. They clean off really easily from everywhere we needed them off of – from my child’s shorts that he had on when we started using them to his skin to our rug. The variety of colors is just right and although I haven’t tried this yet, I do plan on mixing some of the colors to create even more. Another thing I haven’t done but want to, is use the different sides of the angled tip to write/design/draw with different thickness points.

The metallic colors, which don’t need to be tapped and come ready-to-use from the pack, are gorgeous too but I prefer the exuberance of the regular colors. The difference in tips can be seen in the image below.


Final Thoughts

I really, really LOVE these Chalkola Chalk Markers. I am really excited to use and try them on different kinds of surfaces. My almost-three-year old loved using them too but they are better suited for someone who is perhaps 4 years or older or just someone who can handle the excitement of using them better 🙂

They are odorless, non-toxic, vibrant, and smooth. I love that they come off of surfaces you don’t want them on. You are only limited by your creativity in how you choose to use them. I am not much of an artist but if you are or know someone who is, these are great gifts. 

Special to my readers: If you are interested in purchasing a set of Chalkola Chalk Markers, use the code: 20OFFSTR during checkout at Enjoy!


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