Diaper Variety Packs by Diaper Dabbler


I have to say, the idea behind this product is absolutely genius!! Had I known about this product when I was pregnant with either of my kids, I would have, without doubt, bought one or two different packs to see what works for my little ones as newborns. Now, I plan on giving these as baby shower gifts. Curious, yet? Read on.

Diaper Dabbler is the brain child of mom Julie Siewert, who upon getting overwhelmed by the sheer number of disposable diaper choices available at a Target store (haven’t we all been there?) and unsure of what to buy as a pregnant first-time mom, had the brilliance to turn that frustration into a business idea!

With my first child and as a first-time mom, I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of diapers to choose from. I had read about how newborns are susceptible to potential allergies and other sensitivities caused from the chemicals in diapers. Unsure of what to do, I bought multiple brands of diapers. Here are just a few of the ones I bought – Target’s Up and Up, Wal-Mart’s Parent’s Choice, Pampers, Huggies, Seventh Generation, Honest Company, Naty, and Nurtured by Nature.

Thankfully, Diaper Dabbler takes the guess work and frustration out of shopping for diapers in those early days and saves you $$$ in the bargain. The company offers diaper variety packs in sizes: Newborn, 1, and 3 allowing you to sample a number of diapers in packs of three. You may choose from either their well thought out and creatively designed pre-existing variety packs or even customize your own if you already know which ones you want. They even offer free samples of wipes with each pack.



Since my baby girl was already born by the time I discovered Diaper Dabbler, I did not need Newborn size diapers and instead, requested Size 3, even though she was in between sizes at that time. It made sense to do this because my little one was still using different brands of diapers given their inconsistent sizing. She was a Costco Kirkland Size 3 but a Target Up & Up Size 2 while the Pampers Size 3 were ridiculously large on her. Go figure!

Diaper Dabbler takes all this individual guesswork out of figuring out what diaper size works best for your child. You can order different sizes in your customized variety pack should your child be in between sizes and find the brand that suits her best. If a particular brand turns out too small, you’ve only got 3 diapers to lose (not an entire box that can no longer be returned because you already used ONE diaper from it!) If a size is large, just wait for your baby to grow into it. I tell you, this is genius!

My order of Diaper Dabbler included three-packs each of:  Bambo™, bambamboos™, babyganics™ supreme, Earth’s Best TenderCare™, Seventh Generation Free & Clear™ and Naty by Nature BabyCare™. I found each one of these diapers unbelievable cushiony soft (even the Seventh Generation one which I had previously thought of as a little rough. May be they changed their diaper “formula”) with really strong absorbency. I especially liked Naty by Nature BabyCare and bambamboos but honestly, they were all really, really good quality diapers.

The company also provides a review checklist to guide you in your experience of the different diapers. Once you have a good perspective on what works for your baby, just order a larger pack or more of that preferred brand from your favorite store or online. Simple.


With 25 different brands to choose from and with a budget that isn’t going to break the bank (seriously, save that money for the college fund), you have nothing to lose. These packs make for great baby shower gifts.

A few things to note: Diaper Dabbler is now available on Amazon.Com so remember to put it in your baby registry. If you have Prime, shipping is free and they even offer Free One-Day Shipping on select packs. The product prices are the same on Amazon as on Diaper Dabbler’s website, but discounts, sale prices, and custom orders are only available on the latter.

Final Thoughts

I absolutely love the idea and execution of this product. I really appreciated the ability to order and/or customize my order to include diapers of my choice. The quality of diapers is unparalleled. Getting to review the diapers as you use them is a bonus to help keep track of what does and does not work for your child. Shipping is free over $25 on the product website at Diaper Dabbler. The product is best for Newborn sizes just because that is when you are most concerned about what diapers to get but they even offer Sizes 1 and 3. 



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