Caboo Products offer a range of sustainable products creatively manufactured with keeping our environment in mind. By using bamboo and sugarcane – fast-growing grasses and not hardwoods – as sustainable alternatives, the company produces kitchen roll towels, toilet paper or bathroom tissues, baby wipes, facial tissues, travel wipes, and table napkins.

I recently had the opportunity to use and review Caboo Products‘ Essentials Pack that included a 4-pack Bath Tissue, Facial Tissue Pocket Packs, Baby Wipes with a Flip Top, and a Travel Wipes pack.

Note: All pictures (except the ones with comparisons) are courtesy of Caboo Products

Bathroom Tissue

Bath Tissue

I received a 4-pack bath tissue set as part of my Essentials Bundle. I was struck by how soft the tissues were to the immediate touch. I guess in my head I was imagining the rougher texture associated with recycled paper. This was anything but. The website for Caboo Products is very informative and extremely detailed about the hows, wheres, and whys of their products. They explain how recycled differs from products sourced from bamboo and sugarcane, and this difference is apparent in the feel of these tissues. Granted, this is no Charmin or Quilted Northern or any other regular toilet paper but for a sustainable and biodegradable product, the quality is indeed, superior. As for the actual efficiency in doing “the job”, I found the tissues on the thinner side cut into smaller squares than what I am used to. As a result, more of the paper was needed to get a proper clean feel.

Bath Tissue

In the images above and below, you can see a slight difference between the two sizes as well as in texture. The difference in sizes was not such a big deal for me. They were both soft (Kirkland was just a little more) but because I did find that I used more Caboo than I did Kirkland, I would probably stick with my current brand.



Baby Wipes


I really like these for their soft and silky feel. They are perfectly moist without making me want to reach for a dry towel or powder and get the job done. You only need one for a good clean and the fact that I am using something so soft makes me feel good about using it on my baby.  One thing I could have done without is the fragrance. I am not a big fan of fragrances on things that touch a baby’s body so intimately even if the baby is not sensitive to such smells or allergic. I have the same issue with a popular brand of diapers too. All in all, in spite of the smell, which is neither overwhelming nor a deterrent to my wanting to use it, I really liked these wipes a lot.

For size comparisons, here’s a visual. Caboo wipes run just a little bit smaller than the brand with which I compared it – Walmart’s Parent’s Choice. Caboo was 19cm x 16cm while Parent’s Choice was 17.3 cm x 19.1 cm. Caboo is still larger than Pampers Sensitive Wipes and almost the same as Huggies One & Done Wipes. Thickness wise, I did find the Walmart brand a little thicker but not as soft as Caboo. Given a choice between the two, I would pick Caboo for the soft and silky feel as I mentioned above.



I also received 1 Travel Wipes pack containing 10 wipes. I actually used it on our recent visit to Ojai, CA, when I needed to change my baby at a public restroom. These were perfect for this purpose. As with other packs of travel wipes, these are thin, slide easily into my on-the-go diaper pouch, and effective. They also have the same fragrance as the regular pack of wipes above.

Facial Tissue

Facial Tissue

The Essentials Bundle that included all of the items above arrived at my doorstep just as everyone in my family was in the throes of an attack of the sniffles. Although I used a different brand for my kids, my husband and I used these whenever we were out. The convenience of just grabbing a few of these 12-packs on the go and dropping them into the various bags I carry was perfect. They are a strong 2-ply square and hold strong against nose blows. Honestly, given the timing, I didn’t use these for anything else but I don’t see why they wouldn’t work for everyday clean ups on the go and in the car to wipe a quick spill or for whatever else you use facial tissues. Don’t be deceived by the name, that’s just a generic title, you can use these tissues for more than just your face. They also contain two more tissues per pack than the popular brand. I liked these. I liked having these handy. I would happily use them again.

Final Thoughts

I am really glad I got the opportunity to use Caboo Products. They make my heart feel good for having contributed to environmental sustainability efforts in a very small way. Caboo’s website and particularly, the FAQs, provides a wealth of information on how their products are sourced, what is and is not included in their products, and how seriously they take their role in making these products. I love products with a conscience even though they can be a little pricey. It is the price you pay for the feeling you feel AFTER you use quality products that also do good to our Earth. While I may not buy the bath tissues, I can certainly see myself buy their Baby Wipes and Facial Tissues in the future. Check out their website at Caboo Products to learn more.

4 stars

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  1. I always prefer tree free toilet paper. Bamboos are fast growing and needed almost 3 months to recover. But trees are not fast growing on the other hand. So have to avoid those tree made toilet paper completely. Thanks for the great reviews. Caboo is really the best….

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