hook-881440_1920To my readers:

Occasionally, I will post reviews of the products I have had the opportunity to use. As a reviewer, I promise you the following:


I will not review a product I have not personally tested or used.

I will present my review with honesty, telling it like it is.

At the risk of losing business partners, if I don’t like a product I use, I will tell you that too.

Since I am not an affiliate of the businesses whose products I review, I do not get a commission if you buy the product. If this changes in the future (if I DO become an affiliate), I will own that upfront and let you know.

I will always be open about how I received the product (e.g., was it sent to me for a review, did I solicit it, etc.).

If you have questions unanswered by my review, feel free to contact me.


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