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Vanilla Rice Krispies Delight

Rice KrispieYumm…yummy…yummier…who can resist the gooey delight of a rice krispies bar? To be honest, I didn’t know the existence of anything like this while I lived in India and for many more years after that even though I lived in the US, the enviable land of rice krispies treats! Now I don’t claim for this recipe or this treat to be healthy kid food but what is a childhood without a few sinfully delightful unhealthy “yum-nums” as TJ calls them anyway?! I got the idea of making these treats with vanilla after having tasted them first at the Happy Hollow Zoo’s Cafe…continue reading

Mac n Cheese Broccoli-Chicken Twist

Mac Cheese Broccoli Chicken DelightIt was one of those late mornings when we got home from whatever we were running around doing by 11:30 a.m. instead of after noon. Because we were all in a chilled state of mind, I decided to make something for lunch instead of serving leftovers. Then again, “making” only led me as far as an Annie’s Mac n Cheese box. I did not want to just have TJ eat this as-is so I decided to make it healthier. It turned out ridiculously delicious and I was so proud of myself!! TJ loved it as did I…continue reading

Pastrami sandwich w/ Pesto and Mozzarella

Sandwich1Such a simple and delightful lunch option. I served this for lunch today and both Aaron and TJ loved it although Aaron, not a fan of Pesto, had his with mustard, instead.

You can make this sandwich with any kind of bread. I would think Ciabatta would taste good with this combo. I used: …continue reading


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