Easy Lunch Idea for Kids: Chapati Rolls. Perfect for Tortillas too.
Easy Lunch Idea for Kids: Chapati Rolls. Perfect for Tortillas too.
  1. Heat olive oil (you may even use vegetable oil) in a small to medium size pan and when the oil seems hot (varies depending on whether you are using an electric or gas stove), add the shredded carrots and fold in.
  2. Give the shredded carrots about 3-5 minutes (they should still be somewhat hard/crunchy), add in the paneer cheese and stir it in together with the carrots.
  3. Give the blend another 3 minutes, add the hummus, and mix well.
  4. Finally, add a little turmeric (this is optional but I like it for its many health benefits and light flavor). Mix everything well and let cook till all the ingredients are soft.
  5. Next, warm a single chapati on a griddle. Warm both sides – about a minute. Add a small single layer of the cooked ingredients.
  6. Add a handful of Mexican Style Four Cheese (you may use any kind of cheese but I prefer this). Make sure you spread the cheese all over the chapati with special attention to the round ‘edges’ so that the chapati can roll and hold strong.
  7. Then, slowly transfer the chapati over to a cool surface and start rolling.
  8. Once your roll is completed, gently push it down with your fingers so that the cheese seals the roll better.
  9. Using a clean and dry bread knife, start cutting your chapati into rolls. Serve warm. Yoghurt is optional.
  10. Enjoy!
Recipe Notes

I hope you make it and enjoy it.

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