pexels-photo-54547What you really need in a first time registry: Baby Stuff
This really is a no-nonsense guide. I am going to list things that I found most useful. I had most of these items on my registry and was gifted them thanks to some really generous and kind friends. Others, we bought…continue reading

christmas-xmas-gifts-presentsWhat you really need in a first time registry: Breastfeeding
The following are my recommendations for things to have on your registry as a first-time mom intending to breastfeed. Remember that most places allow you to return your registry purchases/gifts within a certain timeframe…continue reading

Baby Room

What you really need in a first time registry: The Must-Haves
Since having two kids, I have wised up to the real needs of new moms and while no authority, relying purely on personal experience, can give you a darn good list of must-haves and…continue reading


taking-a-stroll-1527987-1279x1705What you really need in a first time registry: Getting Around
In Part 1 of my First Time Baby Registry Must-haves, I will focus on ‘Getting around’, Note that, this may not be an ideal list for you but it was for me. My recommendations are strictly based on my own experiences – things that I found most useful and others for which I had no need…continue reading


IMG_0472January 17, 2014: Baby Shower
Aaron and I celebrated our baby’s arrival next month with a baby shower last week. I had a lot of fun seeing all my friends including coworkers whom I consider friends. It was a beautiful evening with chatter, games (designing onesies and bibs, and sippy cup sipping…continue reading



January 11, 2014: Baby Shower/Godh Bharai
A great way to start a blog on parenting and motherhood is by writing about the baby shower. To me, this is the first public acknowledgement of my pregnancy, my entry into the journey of motherhood, a societal acceptance of my family unit, and the emergence of the awareness of my life..continue reading


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