An Open Letter to my PostPartum Body

I cursed you and insulted you. I threw venomous verbal attacks at you throughout my first post-partum phase. I sometimes still do. I hated and sometimes even now, hate you for what you did to my weight…continue reading.

129820098_3cfdbc46e9_zPost-partum help in the Bay Area – Part 2

I called B-aunty who found me through at the end of February. The first thing I asked her was if she had found another job. She said no. Cool, then I told her the baby’s due date and that I would be interested in hiring her…continue reading


Indian postpartum care – Finding help in the Bay Area – Part 1

Who does not like a massage? Pretty much everybody I know, except Aaron, does. What’s not to like? Apart from massages being known to be uniquely therapeutic, healing, and rejuvenating, they just feel pretty darn awesome!!…continue reading

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 9.12.11 PM“I guess I’m still fat” – Postpartum reality

Okay so I am a feminist. Have been for as long as I can remember. Even when I don’t remember being one or identifying myself as one, I was a feminist because of my long standing values and principles – which have remained steady…continue reading


Postpartum – What you may or may not know- Part 3

You may not be ready for the body you end up with – I gained the most weight during my second trimester with a total of 33 pounds for the entire pregnancy. Upon delivery, I only lost 9 pounds. Within a couple weeks of returning home…continue reading

eye-211610_1280Postpartum – What you may or may not know – Part 2

No matter how much you’ve read about it and know what you’re doing is right, you may still agonize with breastfeeding vs. formula decisions. – I did. I was one of those women who pre-parenthood, was firmly against formula and pacifiers…continue reading

tape-measurer-1-1234185-1600x1200Postpartum  – What you may or may not know – Part 1

As a new mom, I had many a frustrating moments; moments of anger, tears; moments where I just wanted to run away from it all; moments where I just wanted my old life back,…continue reading

relax-955798_1280Post-Partum Recovery Kit

I had read a lot about labor and delivery while I was pregnant so I knew what to expect. I am almost always a careful thinker who does her research well before she decides on anything and yet, I don’t know how I completely forgot or skipped the part about reading up on post-partum recovery…continue reading


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