Face Masks

My masks are 3-layered and use 100% cotton on both the front and back sides. The back end of the mask, the side that touches the face, is of a different color/material than the front-facing fabric which makes it easy to distinguish between the front and back. These masks are washable and may even be reversible.

The middle layer uses interfacing, either fleece or mid-weight, to act as a filter. The three layers thus used, (the two layers of fabric and the interfacing layer in the middle) make for a soft and reliable mask.

I use elastic for ear loops.

I really try to work as much and has hard as I can to ship the masks out to you as soon as possible but just to be safe, expect a shipment to arrive within 5-8 day business days. It may be much, much sooner than that but I do want to give you an honest estimate.

Due to the nature of this product and the pandemic situation, all masks are non-returnable and non-refundable.