Just Me and My Son – Part II

Read Part I here. We held hands. He reached his hand out and said, “Hold hand, Mommy”, he said with all his earnestness. It always pleases me when my little boy asks to hold my hand. I will always hold his hand just like I will always pick him up for as long as IContinue reading “Just Me and My Son – Part II”

Lessons Learned at a Pumpkin Patch

It’s funny how sometimes life’s unprovoked events can teach you lessons that have the potential to make a world of difference in understanding your child. A few days ago, I took the kids to Ardenwood Historic Farms in Fremont, CA. Since I had never been to this farm’s Pumpkin Patch, I only had a slightContinue reading “Lessons Learned at a Pumpkin Patch”

No More Yelling – Another Honest Attempt

It’s quiet. Rather peaceful, actually. It is about 11:15 a.m. and I am at my laptop writing this while my baby is asleep upstairs. TJ is at school. I feel accomplished and it is not even noon yet. I woke up at 5:30 today with Baby E acting as my alarm clock. She is slowly learningContinue reading “No More Yelling – Another Honest Attempt”

Family Vacation – Part 1

We are on of our very first vacation as a family of four. For the most part, it feels like a weekend at home in San Jose with the four of us hanging out together and yet, maybe as a result of it being framed as a vacation, the experience really does feel out ofContinue reading “Family Vacation – Part 1”

My 8 New Strategies for Disciplining

You know the worst thing about disciplining? It’s not the yelling. It’s not the tears. It’s not even the behavior that elicited disciplining in the first place. Although all of those things are really awful, it is the guilt infused yelling-screaming hangover that hovers around a parent that, in my opinion, is the worst thingContinue reading “My 8 New Strategies for Disciplining”

The Inscrutable Exploratory Missions of a Young Mind

I am trying something new today. Recently, I was thinking about how our kids’ universe is so full of exploration and then… I decided to stop thinking, and actually start writing about it: Here is how my 2 year old explores his little universe and what exploration means to him.

A Day out with Thomas the Train

TJ is obsessed with Thomas and Friends but he does not care much for Thomas himself. His favorite engine is Percy. Today, we had the opportunity to go visit Roaring Camp Railroads in Felton, about 45 minutes from San Jose, and enjoy a Day out with Thomas. Of course, a “day” for us with aContinue reading “A Day out with Thomas the Train”

Our visit to (anywhere) – Part II – Taming my anxieties

For Part I, click here. Okay that taming part – that doesn’t always work. If I ever write an autobiography, I might call it “A work in progress” because I am never done. A personal philosophy that I hold most dear is: (this is an original quote. You will need to cite me if youContinue reading “Our visit to (anywhere) – Part II – Taming my anxieties”

Our visit to (anywhere) – Part 1 – Why my anxieties ride high

I know I have written about this before but it never gets old…getting out of the house with two kids; an infant and a toddler is a pretty gargantuan task. I know it’ll get easier once Baby E gets older or maybe it gets worse as each child decides to exert independence at the mostContinue reading “Our visit to (anywhere) – Part 1 – Why my anxieties ride high”

Navigating the delicate waters of rewards and punishment

It began in the most mundanely boring and predictable way possible. As parents, we started punishing bad behavior with time outs and rewarding good behavior with praises, and even more hugs and kisses than we did usually. Then somehow, I am not sure how or when, we started giving incentives (material objects as presents) randomlyContinue reading “Navigating the delicate waters of rewards and punishment”

Just a quick note: What do you do when…?

Your toddler keeps saying, “Mommy ‘tay…mommy ‘tay…mommy…” asking you to stay just a little longer for nap times and bed times and insists on just one more book? Not sure if he really wants to read another book or wants to prolong bed time? Should I enforce his bed time give or take 15 minutesContinue reading “Just a quick note: What do you do when…?”