Baby Milestone: Sleeping Through the Night. Not Yet.

1:17 a.m. I open my eyes and turn around to check the time. Silence. The house is quiet and dark. I especially try to listen to any kind of sound coming from my daughter’s room or, what used to be the parents’ bedroom. Nothing. I check her video feed. She is asleep. I fall back asleep.

Oh, Divine Sleep!

1:13 a.m. I hear little sniffles coming through her slightly open and my completely closed doors. I shuffle quietly in bed. Take my eye mask off and just lay there. Then, the sniffles start getting louder, less muffled, more obvious. I try to turn the AV baby monitor on. It says, “Login Failed. Device disconnected.”Continue reading “Oh, Divine Sleep!”

From “Buri nazar” and “Kina hora” to Baby sleep transitions, nap schedules, and CIO

Hmmm….so how are we doing with sleep these days? Good…is what I want to say because I believe it. The fear of course is that things could change any day as most things do with babies. I also fear I am going to jinx it simply by writing it.

Baby nap and sleep schedules

There are days and then there are days. The days when most things go right and I take pleasure at a job well done, praising myself even for having kept my cool, nurtured my children into a great future by reading and singing to them, teaching them new things, appreciating their contributions to our family

No “work”

  I have no “work” these days and the acceptance of that reality is bittersweet. I quit my professional career when we moved to San Jose from Chicago and I have not yet completely gotten used to that loss of identity. For a while until recently, I had things to do – a book manuscriptContinue reading “No “work””

Baby J’s first big fever

J had his 15 months’ shots on Wednesday last week. He had the Dtap, Hib, and Hep A (third shot). In the past, he has never had any issues with shots. When he got his first shots back when he was an infant, he had been a little warm to the touch so we gaveContinue reading “Baby J’s first big fever”

Separation Anxiety and Sleep Disruptions

So my baby turned 1 year last month and while this entire year has been quite the journey, we have now embarked on the new challenges of the new year. First came the Gag Stage, right after we had navigated a few days of teething challenges which caused minor sleep disruptions, and now, we haveContinue reading “Separation Anxiety and Sleep Disruptions”

Our sleeping arrangements – Embrace the rhythm of your family

The first thing I did was ask Aaron to remove completely, one side of the crib and place it right next to my side of the bed. We rolled a blanket in the wood between the crib and our bed to cushion it as well as have a continuation of softness. (We had done thisContinue reading “Our sleeping arrangements – Embrace the rhythm of your family”

Solids and Sleeptime

My baby started solids a couple weeks ago and is doing great. We started with rice cereal and slowly added Earth’s Best Organic My First Veggies Baby Food Starter Pack, 12 Jars and Earths Best Organic First Food Fruit Starter Kit, 2.5 Ounce(Pack of 12) I first introduced carrots, followed by sweet potato, and peas.Continue reading “Solids and Sleeptime”