The Affluence of Toys. Recycle. Reuse. Reduce

What is it about being a parent that makes us such suckers for toys for our kids? We know our kids have a lot of, no scratch that, a LOT of toys. I know, my kids, or at least my toddler, and therefore, by association, my baby, both, have a TON of toys. This is anotherContinue reading “The Affluence of Toys. Recycle. Reuse. Reduce”

Toys, Stereotypes, and Christmas Shopping

There I was in the midst of a Marshalls store going a little toy crazy trying to decide what toys to get for my kids for Christmas. The Caterpillar brand backhoe came with batteries and buttons and hitting one of them instantaneously spewed out the familiar “beep beep” sound of a big vehicle backing up. PushContinue reading “Toys, Stereotypes, and Christmas Shopping”

3 Smart Ways to Save Money on Kids’ Clothes

If you’re like me, you are always in for a good deal, whether it’s on groceries or your kids’ clothes. I never pass on a good deal and over the two years since having kids, I have realized that it is really not worth spending a lot of money on clothes for children simply becauseContinue reading “3 Smart Ways to Save Money on Kids’ Clothes”

Three amazing things I (re)discovered about my child today

I hung out at San Jose’s Westfield Valley Mall with the kids today and during our time together, I learned to appreciate, respect, and understand my son just a little bit more than I did yesterday.

What you really need in a first-time baby registry – Part 4 (Baby stuff)

This really is a no-nonsense guide. I am going to list things that I found most useful. I had most of these items on my registry and was gifted them thanks to some really generous and kind friends. Others, we bought. Clothing/Cloths: People make the classic mistake of

Out with my kids for the first time – Lowe’s Garden Center

Today is a special kind of a day. I feel quite accomplished and my heart is puffed with humble self-praise. I took both my kids out for the first time and survived! J is 2 years and three months while E is 2 months and a few days. The extent of my solo adventures withContinue reading “Out with my kids for the first time – Lowe’s Garden Center”

What you really need in a first-time baby registry – Part 3 (*Breastfeeding edition)

What you really need in a first-time baby registry – Part 1 Getting around Most women I know, including myself, start out with the intention of wanting to breastfeed their babies. While this indeed becomes a reality for many, for several others these intentions become challenging catalysts for disappointment and depression, and a post partum phaseContinue reading “What you really need in a first-time baby registry – Part 3 (*Breastfeeding edition)”

What you really need in a first-time baby registry – Part 2

One more friend gets pregnant and one more registry to go over to decide what gift I would want to get the parents-to-be. I like looking at other people’s registries. Used to be that in the past, before I had kids, whenever I visited friends with kids for the first time, I always brought alongContinue reading “What you really need in a first-time baby registry – Part 2”

My baby is on solids

Yesterday, my baby had his first ‘solid’ food. I bought Gerber’s Organic Brown Rice Cereal after doing a little bit of research. I was concerned about the levels of arsenic in brown rice in general and in baby food in particular but upon reading further and making sure that we only feed him one servingContinue reading “My baby is on solids”

Experiences with Target and Amazon baby registries

Yes, this desimom has been nesting for a while. I feel a little at peace today because I bought 20 items off of our Amazon Baby Registry with a 15% Amazon Mom discount. Before I get into the details of Amazon, let me write about Target first.