Three amazing things I (re)discovered about my child today

I hung out at San Jose’s Westfield Valley Mall with the kids today and during our time together, I learned to appreciate, respect, and understand my son just a little bit more than I did yesterday.

Our visit to (anywhere) – Part II – Taming my anxieties

For Part I, click here. Okay that taming part – that doesn’t always work. If I ever write an autobiography, I might call it “A work in progress” because I am never done. A personal philosophy that I hold most dear is: (this is an original quote. You will need to cite me if youContinue reading “Our visit to (anywhere) – Part II – Taming my anxieties”

Our visit to (anywhere) – Part 1 – Why my anxieties ride high

I know I have written about this before but it never gets old…getting out of the house with two kids; an infant and a toddler is a pretty gargantuan task. I know it’ll get easier once Baby E gets older or maybe it gets worse as each child decides to exert independence at the mostContinue reading “Our visit to (anywhere) – Part 1 – Why my anxieties ride high”

San Jose Rose White and Blue Independence Day Parade

We attended this year’s Independence Day Parade in San Jose. The event was to start at 10:00 a.m. but because we found a great parking spot toward the end of the parade, we just decided to stick around toward the back . Looked like a lot of people had found great spots because it wasContinue reading “San Jose Rose White and Blue Independence Day Parade”

Concerted Cultivation: What Middle-Class Parents do for their Kids

Note: Using ‘middle-class’ is not my choice of word here. I use it as conceptualized by Annette Lareau in her explanation of the term, ‘Concerted Cultivation’. If popular media, public commentary, and recent articles on parenting are to be believed,  middle-class parents are actively engaged in the lives of their children and nowhere is thisContinue reading “Concerted Cultivation: What Middle-Class Parents do for their Kids”

What’s the big deal with animal sounds? – Stories of Motherhood fails, farms, parks, and railroads

The last couple days have been eventful. On Friday, I took the kids to the local Emma Prusch Farm & Park and today, we visited the Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad in Los Gatos. Along the way, I also experienced some tender moments with TJ, a ‘what’s the big deal’ ironic space, and a motherhood fail.Continue reading “What’s the big deal with animal sounds? – Stories of Motherhood fails, farms, parks, and railroads”

My Top 2 Pet Peeves at the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose

This post is specific to my most recent visit to the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose. Alternatively, this post could also have been titled, “Things I notice now that I have two kids and need to maneuver a stroller and a walking toddler”. First of all, being from Chicago

The quintessential mommy work clothes, hair, and make up: My version anyway

Getting anywhere with kids needs a lot of preparation. I have long said good-bye to days when I could take my time getting dressed and get my hair (should I straighten or curl) and make up done (what shade of lipstick should I go with today).

Around town with my crew – my kids

  After that first tentative visit to Lowe’s that I had blogged about some time back, I have become quite the up-and-about towner, towing my kids along for the ride. We went to Costco yesterday and to the Happy Hollow Park & Zoo today. First, I’ll write about our adventure and then, I’ll write aboutContinue reading “Around town with my crew – my kids”

No “work”

  I have no “work” these days and the acceptance of that reality is bittersweet. I quit my professional career when we moved to San Jose from Chicago and I have not yet completely gotten used to that loss of identity. For a while until recently, I had things to do – a book manuscriptContinue reading “No “work””

Japanese Friendship Garden

Today we went to the Japanese Friendship Garden (JFG) homed within the beautiful Kelley Park at 1300 Senter Road. As the weather is getting better, we are always on the lookout of places to go with our kids. The little one being only 8 weeks, our options are somewhat limited but we try to doContinue reading “Japanese Friendship Garden”