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Sometimes the Papad has to break

May 15, 2017 There was no thinking involved. It had to be done. It was so simple in execution that it seemed like that was indeed the most appropriate response to the contextual triggers of that moment. It wasn’t like I was sitting there looking at those round crackers hatching my devilish plans.

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Waltzing Logdrivers, Christian Ants, Conniving Cats, Deceitful Ducks and Other Aids to Help Your Child Eat, Drink, and Thrive

Almost every parent can attest to the innumerable tactics, strategies, threats, rewards, and/or punishment that naturally dovetail our parenting styles. I don’t care what you name your particular style of parenting – whether you are a helicopter, free-range, no-range, authoritarian, authoritative, laissez-faire or

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What you really need in a first-time baby registry – Part 3 (*Breastfeeding edition)

Most women I know, including myself, start out with the intention of wanting to breastfeed their babies. While this indeed becomes a reality for many, for several others these intentions become challenging catalysts for disappointment and depression, and a post partum phase that should otherwise be joyous after the birth of one’s baby, becomes stressful,… Read More What you really need in a first-time baby registry – Part 3 (*Breastfeeding edition)