Multicultural Celebrations – Hanukkah and Christmas

I am prone to many anxious moments when time is of the essence and everything needs to get done just right. This is particularly the case during the holidays. I want everything to go well. As a multiracial, multicultural family, at every bend, starting October, there is a celebration a.k.a stressor, just waiting to getContinue reading “Multicultural Celebrations – Hanukkah and Christmas”

Multicultural Kids and the Legacy of Family Rituals – Diwali Series Part II

  In Part I of the Diwali Series, you read about my Diwali morning dwelling in nostalgia whilst enjoying some hot chocolate and marshmallows making memories on a rainy day. (There is a lot going on in today’s post and not all of it may read coherently. Please excuse any choppiness.)  Soon after sipping on ourContinue reading “Multicultural Kids and the Legacy of Family Rituals – Diwali Series Part II”

Of Rains, Memories, and Cultural Comfort – Diwali Series Part I

Sunday, October 30th was an eventful day. Culturally. Experientially. Physically. Emotionally. My multicultural family celebrated Diwali – The festival of lights after having celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving earlier in the month. Diwali is a Hindu festival celebrating, more secularly, the victory of good over evil. There are religious meanings associated with the celebrations too but I’ll leaveContinue reading “Of Rains, Memories, and Cultural Comfort – Diwali Series Part I”

Raising my kids in the US vs. India

First a disclaimer: I do not mean for this post to sound pompous or self-righteous. We all have to live by the consequences of our decisions and choices. One such decision I made was to come to the US for graduate studies. Sixteen years later, I call the US my home. Yes, India is alsoContinue reading “Raising my kids in the US vs. India”

How my second born child’s life is different from (or similar to) her older brother – Part 1

It was under five years ago that I began a beautiful journey with Aaron. As soon as we got engaged and got married three months later, we knew we wanted kids. Plural. We both wanted two kids. Baby J now Toddler J or TJ was born two years later. In fact, I was pregnant onContinue reading “How my second born child’s life is different from (or similar to) her older brother – Part 1”

Baby J gets his own room

There is something to say about Indian and Western parenting when flexibility takes the cake and holding on to cultural values may not always be the best option. When I was pregnant, as is common with Indians and as I believed too, I always said that our baby would sleep in our room for atContinue reading “Baby J gets his own room”

Parents are here!

My parents arrived in Chicago from India on Thursday and I am enjoying the pampering even as I am getting used to four adults living at home. It is common among diasporic Indians including those in the US to invite their parents over during pregnancy. Parents travel all over to their children’s adopted homelands andContinue reading “Parents are here!”