DIY Cork Board Picture Frame

DIY: Cork Board Picture Frame

Got 15 minutes? With a little advance prep-work and a few supplies, you can transform an old picture frame into a beautiful eye-popping cork board statement piece for your wall. 

I enjoyed working on this project because except for the frame, I didn’t have to buy anything new. Thanks to my thrift story foraging habits, I was already well stocked with everything I needed to make this piece happen. 

I had a specific look in mind for my picture frame cork board and I definitely knew I wanted it to have a vintage appearance of sorts. While I like the distressed/faux vintage look, I don’t like to overdo it or have too much of it on any one piece. None of the frames I already had worked for that look so off I went shopping. 

I found exactly what I needed at my local Goodwill. This was only $1.99 (+ taxes) and was what I had in mind. I loved that it was already a vintagey looking – sorta antique frame. 



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Picture frame
Cork Auto Adhesive Roll (or Con-Tact Shelf Liner)
Chalk Paint (I used Blue Chalkboard Paint by Martha Stewart)


Additional optional supplies:

Chalk Paint
Foam roller
Push pins
Small Paper Flowers
Glue gun


  1. Clean the picture frame prior to starting work on the project. I just used plain ol’ paper towel and water.
  2. Using an X-Acto knife slowly peel away the back making sure not to hurt the sides or the cardboard underneath the brown paper backing. (the frame I had was a custom-made one and so the backing was different from a regular store-bought frame. If you use the latter, you won’t need to use any extra cutting of the frame, the back should just come off). 
  3. Once the backing is off, it’s time to start painting. You can see in the images below that thanks to the vintage feel of the original frame, the chalk paint painted on the frame looks like it was distressed even though the first image was only the first coat. This worked really great for the look I was going. I did give the frame a second coat where needed and also used sandpaper to sand where I thought the effect should be most prominent. 

Painted frame

4. Next, it was time to add the cork paper. I did not have very thick cork. I only had a peel and stick cork board roll that I believe is usually used as shelf liners. I bought this roll for $2.00 at a different thrift store a long, long time ago. Since it was thin, I used two layers (stuck one on top of the other) and it worked fine for my needs. 

5. Also, because of the thin-ness of the cork, I stuck the cork sheet to the cardboard backing that was used on the original frame. 


Cork backing

6. So, just like that, within a few minutes, save for the time it took for the chalk paint to dry, it was done! 

Completed Cork Board Picture Frame

Now, should you so choose, you may stop here. The project is done and you can enjoy this beautiful piece of framed cork board. If, on the other hand, you are like me, and itch to keep challenging yourself with your projects, keep reading. 

7. I found a stencil with a pretty design in my stash of stencils and which I thought was perfect for continuing my diy frame. 


Here are links to some pretty stencils you may like:
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Scandinavian Geometric Pattern
Moroccan Wall Stencils
Leaf Stencil Set – Pack of 3

8. Using white chalk paint, I stenciled the design in. I know the work isn’t perfect but I didn’t care. It will be covered with stuff I will pin on it anyway. 

9. Next, I used some paper flowers (again, I didn’t have to buy this at this time, I had a bunch of flowers in my paper flowers’ stash) and some push pins. I picked flowers that complemented my frame.

Paper flowers and pins

10. Finally, using a hot glue gun, I glued the top of my push pins to the paper flowers to make some super cute looking ones. Viola! Done!!

Cork Board Picture Frame

DIY Cork Board Picture Frame




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