Display ladder

DIY Easy Display ladder

Guess what!? I made my very first furniture diy project and what a success it was! I am really proud to present, my very own homemade display ladder (with a little help from the husband). 

Display ladder
I started with deciding on how big of a ladder I wanted to make. I figured a 5″ ladder was a good enough size to display the four blankets/throws we usually have laying around our living room. When not in use, they are sitting in a neat (yeah, right!) pile in a fabric storage box on the floor but given that, that box had started to get cluttered with all kinds of kids’ stuff, it was time to make a change. 

First step, I headed on over to Home Depot to select my wood and decided to go with the strong and sturdy 2 x 4 x 8. I bought two of those and had the HD employee cut the wood into two 5 feet pieces for the two sides. With two blocks of 36 inches still left, it was convenient to get four pieces of 18 inches each for the rungs – a total of four. 

Armed with my wood, I returned home super excited. Oh and another thing you will need to buy is wood glue. This is the wood glue I bought. You may also like to buy your choice of paint for the ladder. I just used some that I had leftover from another project. It is actually the 2020 Color of the Year – Chinese Porcelain. 

One thing to note is that even when HD cuts your wood, they aren’t always accurate with their measurements for some reason. I did have trouble aligning all my pieces together. Of course, a good solution to this problem is to have your own circular saw and other woodwork tools but for a VERY novice DIYer like me, HD is all I got and so I just gotta roll with the punches.

One thing to note is that even when HD cuts your wood, they aren’t always accurate with their measurements for some reason.

Here we go…


  1. Put all your pieces together, measure twice and mark the measurements of how you want your rungs to be placed.

DIY Display Ladder

2. Next, I used wood glue to glue and hold in place how you want your ladder to look. It is recommended that you use clamps to set the glue but I do not have a clamp that fits such thick wood so I just did what I could and hoped for the best. 

In the image below, I have glued my rungs to one side of the display ladder. 

3. Next, I glued the second side to the rungs and hoped that the weight of that side would bind the whole ladder strongly together. 

At this stage, Aaron nailed some wood screws in just to make the ladder extremely sturdy but it may not be a required step for some. I needed to do it because of the less than perfect rung sizes. 

4. For the next part, after having rested the said ladder for 24 hours, it was time to get to the “real” work. I sanded down the ladder even though it wasn’t entirely necessary given that this was raw wood and had enough “roughness” to it for the paint to adhere.                                                                

DIY Display Ladder 

5. Upon sanding, I used I used a water-based BIN Primer and gave the display ladder a good two coats of it. since this is fast drying, I didn’t have to wait too long between coats even though conventional wisdom is to wait a while between coats. After the two coats had completely dried, it was time for my absolute favorite part – painting. 

6. The display ladder needed two layers of the amazing Chinese Porcelain paint. Because this as only a sample color, it wasn’t the finest quality but it worked great for me and my first project. 

Finished display ladder

This was s wonderful and exciting project for a beginner and I would highly encourage you to try it. It boosted my confidence and I am ready to take on bigger projects. In fact, for my next birthday, I may even consider getting my very own circular saw!!!



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