Cork Pen Pencil Holder

The Crafty Mama: Cork Pen Pencil Holder

I am really excited about this corks activity for kids especially for these times when we are stuck at home trying to find new ways to keep our kids busy. I am very fortunate to have an amazing nonprofit thrift store dedicated to arts and crafts supplies that includes a space for fabrics, leather works, wood scraps, and all kinds of doodats that are in the most traditional sense, a perfect place to make someone’s junk your very own treasure. 

I love this place and I, pre-Covid, visited here at least twice a month. During one such trip, I purchased a whole bunch of corks for $0.5 each. Why? Who knows what I was thinking at the time!? Most of my arts/crafts purchases are beyond any logical reasoning anyway. I buy for “what if I need them one day and can’t find any”.

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Anyway, even though today wasn’t an emergency, it seemed like a good day to bring out the corks and engage the kids in a very new experience. Honestly speaking, this was my first time working with corks as well. One of the easiest things to make was a pen – pencil stand and so we got to work. 

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Stuff you need:

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Wine Corks (at least 50, for the project and some extra, just in case)
Hot Glue Gun (full-size). This is the one I use.
Popsicle sticks


  1. Using a high-temperature setting, glue the corks to each other side-to-side. At this point, you may choose how long, wide, and tall you want your holder to be. 

  2. Once you have your first layer done, turn the holder upside down (while gluing the corks, make sure the base of the corks are all uniform – the height of the corks don’t really matter – at least it didn’t for me because I wanted a more natural look) and hot glue Popsicle sticks to form the base of the holder. 

3. Turn the holder over and continue gluing corks to your desired height. 

All done!!

While I did not allow my 4-year-old to work on this project, 6-year-old J   had a really good time with this corks activity for kids! It was his first time using a hot glue gun. For him, I had a mini high-temp glue gun and it worked well for him. He was so proud of himself for successfully doing his very own project. I was proud of him too, that despite hurting himself a couple times with the glue gun, he did not quit. 

At the very top is a pen pencil holder I made for my daughter, in the middle laying upside down is the small box holder J made all by himself and below it, also upside down is the holder pictured in this post. 

This is a great project for kids 6 and older and I am sure if you do a quick search, there are a ton of other things you can make with corks. We liked this simple and useful idea of making a pen pencil holder and as we slowly transition toward remote learning for one and homeschooling for the other, we hope to get a lot of use from these holders! 

Have you tried anything with corks? What have been your experiences?


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