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It has been so long since my last blog post that honestly, I can’t even remember when and what I wrote. Of course, I could go back and check the date but between publishing that last post, I drafted a few over the months that never neared completion so to find the actual last date of a blog post will require some work, work I am unwilling to do. Life has changed, rather morphed or should we just saw evolved into many different things and in many different ways.

For one, I believe when I last blogged regularly, the kids were 2 and 4. Now they are 4 and 6! They have their own self-developed identities and unique personalities that define their individuality as young, (growing into) independent, happy, and lovely human beings. They have their friends, their own ideas of what constitutes as fun separate from what Mommy and Daddy tell them, their favorite shows, sport, colors, foods, likes, and dislikes, and opinions on pretty much everything. They are growing up, and FAST!

Another reason for being generally quiet on the blog is my desire to maintain and respect the privacy of my kids as they get older. While I have always adhered to that principle, I am simply more conscious of this now. 

Finally, (among other reasons), I have been devoting time to my entrepreneurial life. In addition to dotting, I now also make custom t-shirts and other items, and take on simple sewing projects. I enjoy my crafty life. You can purchase my homemade, hand-painted, hand-created items right here on this website by clicking here

Among other things, two years ago I was a SAHM. I am STILL a SAHM but with an even stronger appreciation for what I bring to the family table. Sure, I continue to struggle with occasional insecurities and frustrations of not contributing financially to that very table, but by and large, those struggles are few and far between. An ideal situation for me at this time would be to have a flexible part-time job whilst still being able to do all that I need to do to be at the school bus pick up, ferry kids to extra-curricular lessons, be at home when they are sick, have snow days, or early closings. 

Other than that, my life is full, filled with immense gratitude for all that I have had the good fortune to experience and consider part of my story, my life’s journey. 

Going forward, while I will continue to blog about my kids and life in and with a multiracial and multicultural family, I will also be writing about a variety of other related lifestyle topics: books (mostly kids’), recipes, school lunches, my different crafty projects, events I attend to sell my work, volunteering experiences and such. I hope you continue to read and follow my blog. I couldn’t have reached this far without your support. Looking at the stats on the blog even when I went dormant kept encouraging me to keep returning to it one day and this is when it begins. Thanks for sticking with me, friends. 




A former Communication Studies professor turned a somewhat reluctant stay-at-home-mom (SAHM), I blog about my adventures raising two multiracial kids. I write about parenting and living a multicultural Indian-Canadian-American HinJew life with honesty, a few tears, lots of laughter, and gallons of coffee.
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  1. Good to read you again, Suchi 🙂 Blog as much as you want and when you want. That matters 🙂 Many congratulations on your successful entrepreneurial ventures!

    1. Hi!!! I’ve missed these blog-interactions! Thanks for always being so incredibly supportive of everything! You rock!

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