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Review: Carmel Wow Markers and Paint Markers

My kids really enjoy art especially things having to do with splashes of colors. More specifically, they like to let their imaginations flow whether with color markers, crayons, paints, or whatever else.

With the recent opportunity to review Carmel Industries‘ markers, products which were sent to me complimentary, the kids had a great time drawing on our glass door and later, on the plastic frame that protects our stairs. (It is a transparent plastic board we have covering the railing of our stairs to prevent kids from getting their heads stuck in between slats (should they ever try to) and to prevent them from falling down from between them.

First, we tried the thicker WOW MARKERS and they were WOW!

Wow Marker

Like with any liquid chalk marker, you have to pump the nib a few times for the color to flow. I was impressed with how quickly this happened. I have worked with liquid markers in the past that took a few frustrating minutes for the color to flow, and as we all know, time is a precious commodity when kids are waiting for something exciting to happen.

Once the color flowed, the Wow Markers were smooth and fun to draw with. They glided easily on the glass and the kids had a fun time drawing a whole lot of nothing. Even the little one was excited. You can see her below, coloring with one and holding another color in her other hand :).

Kids Markers

After use, I waited about 5 minutes before cleaning everything up with a damp cloth and then drying the space with a paper towel. The cleaning was effortless. The colors are all washable and came off easily. To test further, I left some of the drawings overnight and cleaned it up after a little over 24 hours. This time, the cleaning did not go as smoothly. I definitely needed to put some effort to get the color off, even with a damp cloth.

What I liked about WOW Markers: Really fun to use, very smooth, glide on glass and plastic, vibrant colors, color flow into the nib is quick.

What I did not like: The nibs are somewhat loose and fall off the markers easily. Now this doesn’t happen while you are using them but even a gentle fall was enough to get the nibs of two of the markers on two separate occasions fall off. This was inconvenient as my little one quickly grabbed the nibs and got the colors all over her fingers. Thankfully, these are easily washable so that wasn’t a big problem in and of itself.

Paint Markers

These colors clearly state that they are not for children and that they are meant for industrial use only. In order to test them, I used them to write on my kids’ plastic box where I store some of their craft supplies.

I loved the vibrancy of these colors. Yet again, the pens (these ones have smaller nibs) work the same way as the other markers. You have to pump the nib a few times before the color starts flowing into them. Once that is taken care of, the writing was easy. Again, the writing/coloring flowed smoothly. There was a smell when using these markers, sort of a typical industrial smell but it wasn’t too strong, just apparent.

I noticed that some of the colors, like the red, black, and and white wrote thinner whereas, other colors – green, blue (I did not test the yellow) with the same size nibs, wrote a little thicker. The green color was a little watery, compared to the others.

I also tested mixing colors in writing, as obvious in the combining of the letters “E” and “S” above. There was a transfer of color from one to the other (see image below).

I am not sure if these paint markers are supposed to be permanent but they certainly weren’t for me. Using a damp cloth, I cleaned the blue flower and red duck from the craft supplies box without any issues.

Craft box clean


To be quite honest, I am not sure of the application of paint markers for my everyday household use. Until the time of testing these markers, I had never used Paint Markers before so I am ignorant of the ways in which I could potentially use them. I did like using them but given the smell and the fact that they are not meant for kids, unless I learn of things for which I could use them, I won’t be able to write any more about them.

I also received paint crayons from Carmel. I will update this review once I find a use for them to test.

Final Thoughts

The WOW Markers are a good buy with the caveat that the nibs aren’t as tightly attached. I believe these are replaceable, which is possibly why they are not as strongly attached to the rest of the body of the markers. How often would one need to replace a nib, though… so from a practical standpoint, I’d rather have a stronger, attached nib than an easy-to-fall replaceable one with little kids around. The colors are vibrant, glide smoothly on glass and plastic (the two surfaces I tested), and can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth if cleaned within a short time of use.

The Paint Markers also offer vibrant colors and are a pleasure to use. However, at least for my limited needs for now, I don’t see many uses for them.

To Buy or not to Buy – I would buy them in a heartbeat if I had older kids who would not mess with any falling nibs. Unless I see practical uses for the paint markers, I may not buy them. Then again, if you have older kids who need to make posters or such, these are definitely good buys.

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