Mother-Son Movie Night

It hit me like a brainwave – Why not do a movie night with my little guy? It is a Friday night, after all. Of course, as all parents of toddlers know, it really does not matter what day of the week it is! It could be the middle of the week or a Saturday night, kids will wake up at 5:00 a.m. or benevolently at 6:00 a.m., regardless. At least, that’s been my experience. Still, I am a sucker for making memories and creating traditions so I thought, why not!

I proposed the idea to TJ and as expected, he jumped at it. I told him about my idea of doing a Movie Night after putting Teju to bed. I laid it all out to him so the expectations were clear. After putting Baby to bed, we would change into our PJs, then come down and make popcorn, get comfy on the couch, and watch our movie – Cars, of course!

Not everything went as planned but a lot did. After putting Baby to bed, we spoke to Aaron in India (a) which delayed our movie start time. After the chat, we went to make popcorn in the microwave and because some of it burned, cleaning that up took some more time (b) which delayed our movie start time. I had the TV set up to where I simply needed to find the movie on the screen and hit play. Unfortunately, the movie was nowhere to be found. Calls, texts, and other messages to Aaron followed. Given that he did not respond right away, and when he did, only to tell me that the movie was on a hard drive which was with him (it had other movies too)…arrggh! Thankfully, we had the movie downloaded on a big screen tablet so I was able to set that up…all of this only further (c) delayed our movie start time. 

Finally, when we did start to watch the movie, I turned all the lights off, placed the bowl of popcorn between us, and looked forward to hanging out with my little guy. 

It was perfect. He was very surprised that all the lights were off and I told him how this was what happened at the movies. He tried to understand that. 

As soon as the opening words by Lightening McQueen were heard on the screen followed by Sheryl Crow’s Real Gone, the little kid started dancing in the dark, feet in the air, hands rocking, head grooving, singing the words to the song…what a sight!

I could clearly make out his silhouette in the dark and watching him dancing and so excited made me very happy in that moment. No matter how things turn out the rest of the night, this moment, right here, with my child, is precious, I thought to myself. 

Then, as we settled into the movie, he asked me to fast forward the part where McQueen falls off Mack the Truck. I didn’t mind it. I did it and then I was requested to do it a second time so he could see “Neen’s” white tires. 

We watched the movie, nestled together. Sometimes he laid on my lap to watch, other times he sat close to me, yet more times, I was able to snuggle him close to me deep in a one hand cuddle. 

He enjoyed noshing on popcorn and because I was in a generous mood, I even gave him a couple of mini chocolate filled cracker-cookies which he loved. All of this experience must have been a real shock to his system! Dessert at this time of the night! What’s wrong with Mommy, he must have wondered?! 

The end of the movie always brings me to tears. Stupid kid movie making a grown woman cry!!! 

Finally, after the credits rolled, I told him it was time to go to bed. He wanted to take a couple of toys to bed as he always does and he picked Firetruck Mater and Mack the Truck (both are characters from the movie, the former is part of Mater’s Tall Tales). Then, I scooped him up, carried him upstairs to brush his teeth, and laid him in bed. 

It took him some time to fall asleep, but eventually, nearly 2.5 hours past his usual bed time, his room was quiet. 

Even with some initial hiccups, this was a beautiful evening. 

Now, as long as he is not up at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, I’ll be A-Okay…oh wait a minute, I almost forgot I have a second alarm clock that goes off any time after 5:00 a.m. and she didn’t stay up late watching a movie….Sigh…motherhood. 

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