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Waiting at a gas station to fill up gas is probably one of their least favorite activities for most people. Filld is a gas delivery service handled entirely through an app that does the gas filling for you, no matter where you are, home or at work. When I was offered promotional credit in exchange for an honest review of the service, I have to admit, I was a little intrigued. Aaron uses a similar service at work but they only do corporate gas fillings. What about the rest of us?

I got two chances to use the App and here are my honest thoughts about Filld.

Download and Set Up

This is really easy. I have an iPhone. However, when I first downloaded the App, I had done that on my old Android and the process was just as simple. Once you download and install the app, you need to go through the settings like any app. You will need to register and enter your credit card information as well.

I felt a little unsure about doing this but then when you are in a rush and need to just place an order without also having to enter all your credit card details, this made perfect sense. When prompted, click “Allow” to let the App send you notifications. These notifications are important to let you know when a fuel truck has been dispatched, when they are done refueling your car, and so on.


Review Filld App
Review Filld App
3 Downloaded Register


Once you sign in, you will also be asked to allow Filld to access your location. This is a no-brainer. Click Yes because they locate your car via GPS.  Without this, might as well not download the App in the first place.


4 Sign in
5 Allow Access to Location

Ordering Gas

Once you are on the App, based on your location, it will be able to show where you are on the map and also give gas prices near you. As you can see from the image below, Filld’s service is not available in my area even though I live in San Jose. Since the App claims to service the city, it was really disappointing to see this pop up on my screen.


While this is unfortunate, service is available in popular parts of the city such as Santana Row, the Children’s Discovery Museum, and Happy Hollow Park & Zoo (these are ones I checked). So, if service IS available in your area, this is what it will look like. You simply click on “Get Started” and follow the prompts.



Once you place an order, you will need to pick a delivery time slot. The last thing to do is to remember to open the “door” of your gas tank so the delivery folks can come by and do their thing. Once done, they lock the lid and close the little door to the tank.


Delivery options
Order placed

The App is supposed to notify you when a delivery truck is on its way and after gas has been filled (I never received these notifications, see below). You will then get an email receipt as well as an update under “Orders” (I did get these).

So this is all there is to the process. Very simple, clean, straight forward, and pretty much works like it should. Even though I really appreciate the convenience of the app, I did/do have some issues in utilizing it fully to my advantage.

In using the App twice, I ran into a few inconveniences.

    1. The App’s service is not available in all of San Jose so if I have to use this App, I need to look for specific locations in the city where they do serve and use it in these places only. This is not always an option.
    2. Because I had parked my car in the underground part of a garage on Santana Row, the drivers had a tough time finding the car. Once they did, they were super efficient, quick, friendly, and out on their way having refueled my car. These guys seemed real professionals who knew what they were doing. How did I get to meet them if all of the refueling happens when I am up and about doing what I need to get done and not waiting for them to show up? See image #4 below.
    3. I got to Santana Row around 10:30 a.m. When I started to place an order for gas, my earliest window was between 11:00 – 1:00 p.m. (see picture above). While this is a reasonable time frame for a lot of people, two hours is sometimes a long time for my kids and me. Why? Because tantrums happen, things don’t always go someone’s way, something we thought we were going to do or get done does not occur and if all of this happens at the same time, well….what am I going to do with 2 unhappy kids for TWO long hours? The App does give the option to cancel, however, so I can always do that, but I believe there is a penalty if you cancel too late or close to the end of the delivery window (which is fair) what if I am already one hour into the window? Do I wait or do I leave? Eventually, one has to pay the price (literally or figuratively) and do what needs to be done but still, couldn’t help but think that while reasonable, this may not always work for me.
    4. I never received any notification from the App telling me what was going on with my order. I did not get a notification telling me when the drivers had left to get to my gas, or that they had arrived, or that the job was done.

Notice the time on these screenshots, the image remains unchanged and it was this way since the time I placed the order. Without an update or notification, there was no way to know what was going on with the fuel delivery. I was running out of things to do outside, the kids were getting hungry and cranky and just wanted to go home, and I really didn’t know how much longer I could stretch the visit to Santana Row just so I could get some gas. 


12:30 Order Details
12:59 Order details Unchanged

Just as I started Googling gas stations near me and walking toward the garage all set to just leave, I got a call from the driver at 1:00 p.m., exactly a minute after the last screenshot. They were close and wanted to know the exact location of my car. Since I am not a Santana Row regular, it was hard for me to get them directions but I did what I could. The GPS didn’t work which was my fault, because I had parked underground but then one cannot really always know where she will park.

Eventually, it all worked out. We had to spend an extra 20 minutes but my car got much needed fuel, the kids were so much in awe of a gas pump having come to our car to fill up, at least TJ was, that all crankiness was momentarily forgotten.

The order was finally completed at 1:20 p.m. – 20 minutes outside the delivery window (see below)

Despite my inconveniences, some of which may be unique to me, I do recommend the service to people who may live in Filld’s service area. This may be especially useful to people with older kids with longer things to do (e.g., a game, sports practice, movies, etc.). Really can’t beat the magical convenience of a full tank of gas!


Get $15 of FREE GAS on Filld if you live in the San Francisco to San Jose service area – Use code: HWMSWS

Final Thoughts

Lots of advantages to using this App especially if you live in the part of the city where it offers its service. For the reasons mentioned above, it is not the most convenient for me. Not only is it not available where I live or the general neighborhood (parks and such) where I take the kids, the two hours delivery window seems too long to me. This is really not a big deal and will work fine for a lot of people, just not when you have two little kids prone to unpredictability. I would have appreciated notifications, email if not text, to let me know what was going on so I could plan my time out with the kids accordingly. Notifications failure was a big deal for me. Regardless, I appreciate the ease of use, convenience (with caveats, see above), and the magic of coming back to a car with a full tank of gas!

4 stars

The Filld Logo used above is copyright of Filld, Inc. and used here for representational purposes only. 

I received promotional credit for using and reviewing Filld. 

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