Independence Day Weekend in Pictures

We had a fun few days, what with Aaron being home for four days!. Having taken the Monday before the 4th off, we got an extended long weekend. While we didn’t do much on Saturday as a family, he and the kids ran some errands so I could get some work done, undisturbed. By the time they returned, I was ready to get back into the family/mom frame of mind.

On Sunday, we decided to go to the Casa de Fruta. Having never been here before, we didn’t know what to expect but oh, what a fun time we had! Here are some pics.


We were rather surprised by train tracks that were visible within minutes of entering the premises. Sure enough, they give train rides. Adults are free but the kids are charged. For $8 ($4 per kid), all four of us were able to ride this fun ride which lasted about 15 minutes. Throughout the ride one gets to see old farming equipment strewn all around the tracks which was pretty cool. We also got to see two peacocks, and a peahen and her little baby birds.


We found the stores very overpriced. We didn’t plan to buy anything but still liked to browse around. We lunched at an on-campus restaurant and even treated ourselves to ice-cream at a different restaurant, also on-campus.


Another attraction was a random Caboose that just sat there. TJ loved getting on it and pretending to ride it. They also had an old train engine (pictures below were taken on it).

The giant water wheel was a huge draw as well. What a fun few unique things to hang out at!


Monday, July 3: Capitola Beach

We spent two hours just at the beach itself before heading out, for the first time, to lunch at one of the restaurants nearby. Back in the day when kids were younger, we would just pack them up well before lunch time and head straight home for lunch while hoping they didn’t doze off in the 45 minutes drive and ruin afternoon naps. This time, with one having given up his afternoon naps and the other old enough to have her own definition of beach fun, we decided to abandon concern and let things flow naturally.



Tuesday, July 4th – Happy Independence Day

We didn’t originally plan to attend the parade this year but because the fireworks which we were considering attending, were not going on until 9:30 p.m….waaaay past kids’ bed times, we decided to go anyway. Here’s my review of the parade from last year. This year, thankfully, they did not have as many cars even though the few they did have, were heavy on pollution. The parade also seemed shorter, and unimaginative. Still, I really am grateful that the city does this and I want to thank all the people behind putting this event together.

Baby flag
Flag water


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