Summer School Begins and Other Things

In 2015, June was the month in which Baby J experienced his first big fever. He was 14 months young.

In 2016, June was the month I was still very much in the throes of a postpartum funk, slowing trying to find my rhythm.

In 2017, June, so far, has been more of the ‘found-our-rhythm’ new normal kind of life.

As I last wrote, TJ had a two week summer break from school and we did a whole lot of wonderful things. He was back at school on the 19th, this time for three days a week. Now that he has completed a full week on that schedule, it is actually quite good to have that time to do chores, attend to Teju, work on my two new projects, and just have some stress-free time when I am not yelling at him. Of course, I haven’t gotten a chance to experience a lot of this time because each of the days that TJ was at school last week, I’ve had a busy time at my end.

On the 19th, Teju decided not to nap in the morning which meant that I couldn’t get any work done. With her hanging around me, I still managed to get a few household chores done and run an errand before picking TJ up.

On the 21st, Teju had her routine appointment at the pediatrician’s. She did great. She got two shots and did cry for a little bit. However, just like her brother was and still is with shots, she soon stopped crying and carried on with life. Before the shots, while waiting for the doctor, she did manage to explore the entire room in which we were waiting. The doc, of course, upon my telling him of the same, was quite tickled and reaffirmed her age-appropriate behavior.


On the 23rd, I met with a friend whom I knew only from her writing and had never met until this day. I was very excited to meet the absolutely brilliant, warm-hearted, and generous-spirited Lakshmi (she recently went viral and is a celebrity…you SHOULD know her, if you don’t already. She writes at I will keep this suspenseful so you can find out for yourself.) and we met like we had known each other for years. Our meeting and conversation had its own flow. We had a lot of things to talk about. She is my partner in life’s next adventure and I’ll write more on this when the time is right. I felt energized, enthused, and further committed to things we have planned together. It was just as lovely to meet her beautiful family. Later, joined my Hema of Hema’s Mixed Bag, another brilliant and fabulous writer whom you absolutely should follow/read, if you don’t already, and her wonderful family, we had a fun time with all our kids and husbands.

Before that though, I had learned of a Cars 3 Tour and absolutely wanted to do this for TJ. Except, I didn’t realize this was happening on Friday. When I did, I had to make an almost last minute decision to get him out of school early and take him to the mall where the “Cars” were visiting.

I picked him up a little after 10:30 a.m. Between the time I dropped him off and picked him up, I put Teju down for a nap, had my usual phone chat with my father, made lunch for the kids and Aaron (who would be home while I met with Lakshmi for lunch), got dressed, woke Teju up and got her dressed, got into the car, and off we drove to pick big brother rup. In other words, there was no rest and the only time I sat was while driving. (Even though TJ was excited, I never heard the end of (and heard this morning too when I dropped him off) ….”but Mommy, you came to pick me up early. I didn’t get to play in the playground!”….. Ah…motherhood, a thankless endeavor!

Once we arrived at the mall where the “tour” was, I had to find where the cars actually were which took some time. Eventually, we saw a stream of people in the parking lot off of Macy’s. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing — people were waiting in a line just to get in!! So we waited too. For almost 70 minutes!! And, it was HOT!!! Once we were allowed in, we waited in another line to take a picture with the Lightening McQueen car. Their official woman who took a photo from my phone got a useless super blurry image of TJ next to McQueen!! What a bummer and seriously WTH!!?

Thank goodness, I had taken a few pictures before their official pictures. I like the one below.

After this visit and calming a massive 10 minutes tantrum because I didn’t let him play with the toy cars they had, we finally left the mall en route to other things we needed done this day.

Overall, it has been a good week. One of the new things we did this week was eat lunch at one of our local grocery stores. I know what you are thinking. Don’t. We had fun and the food was supremely delicious. This was another day of running around doing all kinds of errands and it was simply exhausting so the idea of going back home at lunch time and even making what I had already kept ready seemed too much to do, so (yes, really!) on TJ’s suggestion, the kids and I ate at Mi Pueblo.

We had a Super Combo Chicken Quesadilla with guacamole, rice, and beans, and seriously, it was really delicious. I like that they have a nice little seating area like a food court and folks could just walk in, buy their freshly cooked food, and eat there…something I had seen at our regular Whole Foods store back in Chicago.

Another new thing we did was allow for TJ to learn how to ask for things he needs, nicely. He needed a spoon for his food and we only had one. Since I was feeding Teju with it, I asked him to go ask a spoon from the nice lady behind the counter. He went right away without a fuss. They were out of spoons so she had to open a new pack. That done, she handed him a new spoon (She didn’t quite understand what he was saying so I had to gesture to her from afar). The pride and joy on his face as he took that spoon, thanked her, and ran back to Teju and me was priceless.

We had a pleasant time. Both kids ate well as did I. We returned home, tummies full, ready for playtime, and which was followed by nap time for Teju.

I know this post isn’t quite inspiring but we still did so many fun things that I wanted to chronicle them for whenever I want to read more about June, this year.


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  1. Sounds like quite an eventful June. Of course, I’m sure you’re feeling the relief at school having reopened.
    Hope this post brings a smile on your face when you read it some time later.

    1. School reopening has been bittersweet. I miss spending time with the kiddo but I DO NOT miss yelling at him every time he tries to show too much affection for his sister 🙂 Thanks for visiting.

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