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My first introduction to Kidloland, an educational and entertainment app for kids under 5 years of age, was back in 2015 when I was pregnant and still learning the ropes of being a stay-at-home-mom with a toddler. One exhausted day when all I really wanted to do was snooze for a few minutes while hoping my son would just entertain himself for those precious few minutes, I looked up some kid-friendly apps I could download. Particularly, I searched for ‘Nursery Rhymes’ in general, and ended up downloading and installing what turned out to be Kidloland (I believe ‘Nursery Rhymes’ was the original name for the app).


At the time, I purchased a package of 10 nursery rhymes – back when purchasing was an option and Kidloland hadn’t migrated to a subscription model. I have to admit, from the very beginning he started using it, TJ loved this app. This was a novel experience for him as he had never before gotten such great access to technology that spoke his language. I showed him how to access the many different rhymes and best of all, perform the many interactive actions for all the characters on screen. He was intrigued and continues to remain so.


I believe he was 20-months-old when he used Kidloland for the first time. He loved how interactive the nursery rhymes were (Kidloland was yet to introduce its many, many, many other alternative edutainment options then) and how the characters in the videos came alive to his touch. What I love about this app is that it encourages active participation from kids by urging them to click on the characters in the nursery rhymes to see the many animations and make them do things. For example, in the Humpty Dumpty rhyme, you can click on the horses and the Kingsmen and see their own reactions to poor Humpty’s fall. How fun! For all the rhymes, pretty much every character, flower, bird, or bee can be animated with a simple touch and they all do cute and funny things, almost always unpredictable and I enjoy these little surprises as much as my kid does.


Then, recently, I was contacted by Kidloland to review their app and given a 6-months subscription in exchange. I jumped with joy when I saw that email in my Inbox. Since TJ already loves their nursery rhymes, the complimentary subscription allowed me the opportunity to more completely explore their other offerings.


A smorgasbord of programs became instantaneously available at our finger tips once we gained access to Kidloland’s entire interface. Really! In addition to seemingly endless sets of nursery rhymes and popular songs like ‘Wheels on the Bus’ and ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’, the app is like a buffet of activities, games, math, puzzles, flash cards with names of fruits and shapes, coloring activities, little things you can do with trucks and car washes, and what not.



TJ’s favorites are the many “Vehicles” related activities. One of these is where he has to join numbers chronologically to reveal a car or a truck which then needs a car wash where he has to get the soap on, scrub, and clean – the activities are simple, intuitive, and very kid-friendly. Another favorite is solving puzzles. He likes to see what the complete version of a fruit or animal or vehicle looks like after he has put the different parts of a puzzle together. The variety of puzzles available on the app has allowed for TJ to intuitively grasp sorting, sequencing, organizing, rearranging, color coordinating, and so on.


Whether it is feeding vehicles or fruits to cute monsters, or entertaining the baby on the bus who cries, the options are unlimited – any kid could spend hours learning and getting entertained at the same time. When I asked TJ why he liked Kidloland, he said, “…because there are so many things to do and so many shows to watch”. That pretty much sums it up. The “shows to watch” he is referring to are the nursery rhymes which he still enjoys watching although as he is getting older, his interests have more organically shifted to the more hands-on games and activities (even though you can do a lot with the different animations in the nursery rhymes as described above).



The entertainment aspect of Kidloland is obviously presented in the Nursery Rhymes. What is of more value to me is the educational worth of this app. While we have been proactively teaching TJ his numbers, colors, and alphabets (as has his school), Kidloland activities that have him match colors, do numbers joining, sorting, and splashing colors reinforce these lessons even more.


Using the app has also helped TJ with building vocabulary, grasping and wondering about new possibilities like the dish running away with the spoon or why the Duke would make his men march up and down the hill, understanding predicaments that characters go through and how best to resolve them, and learn silly dance moves that the animals in the cartoons do. All of this leads to a lot of “Why” questions that we try best to address but I like that it contributes to his curiosity, his desire for more information, his ability to challenge himself in novel ways, and in general, get more tech literate in his own ways.


The app is so much more than nursery rhymes and has helped TJ with getting comfortable with touch screens, understanding how to click and connect different happenings on the screen, how not have his entire hand on the screen or it won’t work, as well as increased cognitive development with hand eye coordination and all the other fine motor skills he needs. Not to say he wouldn’t have learned them otherwise but using the app on a regular basis does expedite the process a little.



Overall, I am really pleased with this App and will most likely purchase a subscription once my complimentary one expires. The monthly subscription is $4.99 but you can also purchase a 6-months or annual subscription deal which they sometimes offer at a discounted rate. I didn’t like it when they switched to a subscription model because that can really add up and I appreciated the option to buy something outright instead of having to pay for it over and over again. For example, I purchased my set of Nursery Rhymes in 2015 for something like $11.99 but with a paid subscription will have to pay $4.99 every month (in addition to the amount I had already paid to purchase). Even though it gives me all the other programs, it’s like I have to keep paying for something that I had already purchased too. It is not a lot of money if you do the math (the Nursery Rhymes set is just one of the many, many, many other activities) but still…



All said and done, even after considering the expense, I really think this app is worth it. I don’t know about other apps like it because I never needed to look beyond Kidloland. I may have purchased this subscription even if I wasn’t doing a review and getting a complimentary 6-months deal.



Final Thoughts 


If you are looking for a really, really fun, educational, entertaining, and interactive app for your kid, this is IT! I am giving it 4 stars for two reasons: (1) I would like the option to buy specific segments instead of an entire all or nothing subscription model, and (2) there is continuous background music playing throughout the app and I did not find a click to turn it off. If a click exists, I am not sure where to find it. While TJ doesn’t mind the music, it can be a little annoying to the parents. My hesitation with the few things I mention above can easily be overlooked and I really and truly think highly of this app and recommend it.


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4 stars

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