Here’s Why I don’t care about Mother’s Day this Year

I wish things were different, that I could go through this Mother’s Day with as much or as little enthusiasm as I do each year but things are different this year, just not how I might have imagined them to be.

In any case, I have always been a little cynical about commercialized celebratory days like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and such others. I appreciate the flowers and gifts like most people but I just don’t like how everything gets so over hyped up and ridiculously expensive (flowers, for example) just because of people’s expectations that they should be giving and getting these things.


Here are three reasons why I am not that into Mother’s Day.


Breakfast in Bed is Overrated: One of the cultural how-tos for celebrating Mother’s Day and pretty much around which all instructions guides to how not to mess up this day begins with the idea of serving mothers breakfast in bed.


Yikes! First of all, I cannot ever imagine eating anything without having first brushed my teeth and to wake up to brush and then get back into bed to enjoy the breakfast my loving husband and kids (mostly my husband, ideate nlittle) would have made for me just defeats the whole purpose of waking up to a nice warm breakfast brought to you as you wake up. (At least that’s what it looks like in my head based strictly on videos and images inspired by popular media). Hmm…not my thing.


Breakfast in bed is messy, selfish (what do the others do, just sit around and watch me eat? Leave me alone to do their own thing while I sit and eat alone? Neither of these appeal to me so that whole hyped up breakfast in bed is a no-go in this house.


Besides, someone else (again, my husband) making breakfast for me is not such a big deal for our family. I mean, it is a big deal, but it doesn’t stand out as particularly special, a treat reserved for Mother’s Day only because my awesome husband makes breakfast for me AND the kids about 5 times a week…pretty much all days of the week (except the weekends). So I know I have it special everyday anyway.


It’s Just Like Any Other Day: Nothing changes. The day comes and the day leaves. I understand the sentiment behind it. I really do and I appreciate it for my kids’ sakes.


Honestly though, if I can have the phase where kids eat all their meals on their own without making messes on the floor or worse, purposely throwing food on the floor or spitting it out of their mouths into bibs, shirts, pants, clothes, and ME, without me having to threaten them with consequences if they don’t eat their meals, or bribe them with a treat just so they can eat and live so it doesn’t look like I am starving them and get taken away by child protective services; the turn of milestones where both kids are completely potty-trained with no more accidents to clean up and where they like to sleep in on weekends so I can too…that’s the kind of Mother’s Day I would like to have.


I am not in a rush to hurry the years, they are really short as it is, but just for a day, if all of the above was to come together this year, THAT would be the kind of Mother’s Day I would really appreciate. Since that isn’t going to happen, might as well keep my expectations low and manageable.


Just Another Commercialized Celebration: I get that it is nice to recognize and actually tell one’s mom that you appreciate her but why make it a one day thing. Life is too short. If you haven’t yet realized that, don’t wait for major tragedy to hit before you do. Celebrate your mother whenever you can and every opportunity you get, don’t save all the “extra” love for that one day of the year.


Mother’s Day is a one day event that is completely consumed by ideas such as jewelry or some other kind of gif-givingt, and flowers…both gifts and flowers are ridiculously hyped and expensive. Why not bring flowers for your mom or wife just because and on any day that doesn’t have to be about love or especially marked as a special day because someone somewhere decided to designate it as such? I am looking at you too, Valentine’s Day!!


Now, of course, I am not saying I don’t want flowers or gifts…just that they seem meaningless if given just because popular culture tells you that you should. I would much rather appreciate a random gift of fresh flowers bought while visiting our farmers’ market on any day, an unexpected gift…perfect!


I still think it is nice that most people at least take that one day of the year to remember and wish their mothers. As for me, I’ll be happy to just have a normal day with the husband and kids because as far as I am concerned, everyday is my day, a mother’s day (except when it is Father’s Day :)).


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  1. rashmi says:

    Totally agree with all the 3 points, especially the first one. Do not like and cannot do it. Yuks! For me, I do it more for my daughter who makes sure Mother’s Day went like how it is supposed to be (mommy gets to do what she wants, even if it includes cooking or shopping). Just yesterday I told my husband, please let me finish my pending work, I cannot just sit in one place or go to spa when there is so much pending work. I think I just like the feeling that I am loved and that is good enough for me.

    1. You said it. Feeling loved and knowing just how much your family cares for you in return is a great gift in and of itself.

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