Review: Baby Sleepsuit by Breden Kids

I recently had the opportunity to review a Baby Sleepsuit by Breden Kids. I have previously reviewed their Balaclava hatscarf and noted just how much I liked that for my son. The folks at Breden also sent a little something for my baby girl – a sleep suit and yet again, I have been very impressed with their product.


The first thing I liked about this sleep suit upon opening the packaging, just like I did with the Balaclava was just how soft it was to the touch. I wish they made these for adults and I could just cozy up in these, even though I am not a big fan of adult-size footsies or jumpsuits in general. Still, I would make an exception if Breden made adult sleep suits. Before I even had a chance to put it on Baby E, I already liked the way the texture of the fabric felt against my fingers.


I always wash new clothes before putting them on my kids but I couldn’t resist with his one. I decided to have her wear it because I was really excited to see how it would look on her.


The second thing I appreciated about the particular sleep suit that was sent to me was that it wasn’t a girly pink. Even their website isn’t a sea of pink for girls’ apparel. Peach, green, and gray are all there, for the taking.



In addition to the softness of the material (organic cotton with elastane), the sleep suit is also stretchy and can easily accommodate my growing child. In the picture above, my daughter is a little shy of her first birthday. At 13 months now, she is still able to fit into the sleep suit with room to grow. Despite the ability to wear over a few months, the material and suit do not feel too loose thanks to the cuffs that make sure the feet of the suit do not drag on the floor.



The stretchable material allows for a busy crawler to continue on her many explorations and adventures without encumbrances.


Since her first use of it, I have washed the suit a couple of times. The material has, for the most part held its softness as well as its stretchability. In fact, the difference in softness is barely noticeable and it may just be my critical eye.


I usually put Baby E in this sleep suit during the day. The reason I haven’t used it at night is because the feet aren’t covered. Our weather here in California is usually on the warmer side but it does get cooler at night so feet-less sleep suits are a no-go for me.



Final Thoughts



I really like this sleep suit. It is soft and beautiful with its peach stars, and makes my baby girl instantly comfy. That it is absolutely adorable, is just a bonus. 




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