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Earlier this month, I was featured on ‘In Conversation With’ Over Heaven’s Hill. Geraldine of OHH runs this popular series on her award-winning blog and I was thrilled to be a part of it.

Here are a couple of the questions and answers. A link to the rest of the interview is below.

How would your parents have described you?

This is a tough one simply because I left India over 16 years ago and even though my parents and I are really close and we visit each other when time and money permits, I spent all my 20s and now my 30s in the U.S. so I do believe I have changed in the time that I have lived apart from them. Still, I would think my parents would describe me as an ambitious go-getter, fiercely independent and loyal, passionate, and opinionated but large-hearted. They would definitely also say that I need to work on my patience and mindfulness around other people.

What family tradition do you cherish the most?

We are a young family still working on building our traditions and enjoying the practice and process along the way. For example, we recently started doing hot chocolate drinks following jumps in muddy puddles for which my son has recently declared his love. Starting in October, as a multiracial, international family, we get to celebrate a lot of different things. We start with celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving and Halloween, then move on to the Hindu festival of Diwali, the Jewish festival of Hanukkah, and finally, Christmas. There are a lot of traditions internal to these celebrations that I appreciate doing with my family. As to which one I cherish the most, I’ll get back to you on that in a few years ?


The PhD Mama

Did you enjoy being pregnant?

I did. I really did. Both my pregnancies were without any major health issues so I enjoyed them. I jogged a 5k race when I was 7 months pregnant with my first child. With my second one, we did a coast to coast, cross country road trip from Chicago to San Jose (U.S.), a journey of over 2000 miles (over 3218 kilometers) in my first trimester, and flew international – 14 hours non-stop and then some more one way, and another 12 hours non-stop and then some on the way back, in my third trimester. I loved celebrating a growing belly every month with pictures, being the star of a baby shower my friends and husband had for me for our first child, organizing a gender reveal for my second child, making the OB appointments, watching my babies in my womb on the ultrasound…everything was memorable and very, very beautiful.

Of course, there were some not-so-beautiful moments with physical pain and such, but I took it all in stride as the side effects of growing human beings.

What was the hardest part about being pregnant?

Read the rest of the interview here.


In Conversation With Over Heavens Hill


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