Review: Balaclava Hatscarf by Breden Kids

Review: Balaclava Hatscarf by Breden Kids

I recently had the opportunity to review the Balaclava Hatscarf by Breden Kids and I have to say, I am very impressed with the amazing quality of products the company sells. I did get the products complimentary for reviewing purposes but to be very honest, I would have voluntarily paid to buy these products. THAT is how much I am impressed with this company!


I received the Hatscarf Breden Green Star and the Hatscarf Breden Mint Fox for review and TJ immediately picked the Green Star scarf to wear and loved it!

Green Star
The Green Star Hatscarf by Breden Kids. Note that I purposely ordered a size up so my kid could wear the product for at least a couple years.

I loved a bunch of things about this hatscarf.

First, I loved how the hatscarf was so soft to the touch. I kept wanting to move my fingers over the scarf so I could feel its gentleness.


Second, I really liked the light material. We live in California where it does get cold but we don’t need thick hats or scarves or jackets. The level of warmth that this hatscarf provides is absolutely perfect for our cool weather.


Third, European made, the material that I have been raving about is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified which means that sellers are held to strict standards for their certifications and that this material is 95% organic. Knowing that something that touches my kid’s face so much is made with care for the toddler wearing it makes me respect the company and its ethics.


Fourth, the hatscarf makes my kid look even cuter that he is. It just wraps his face beautifully, covers his head, ears, and neck comfortably well and keeps him warm.


Fifth, the product description says that this hatscarf is appropriate for weather 40F-60F and I found this to be true. Even though we never dipped below 53F, that I know of, whenever TJ wore it in the cooler temperatures, he was still warm and comfortable. Knowing that the thin lightweight balaclava blocks UV rays, it is simply perfect for hiking in the mountains, something we like to do as a family.


Finally, I really appreciate that the family-run company did not fall into the easy stereotyping of colors for each sex. You won’t see any blinding-pink princesses themed or other characters-based prints. Their products – all their products – have pretty, gender-neutral, and clever prints, that make deciding which ones to buy a really tough decision.


No matter how much I like something, being a reasonable and practical person, I usually find something about which I can be critical. However, with these hatscarves from Breden Kids, I really have nothing bad to say. I like them a lot and so does TJ. In fact, he liked his so much, he wanted to keep wearing it at home even when he was playing.




If you liked my review and would like to check these hatscarves out for yourself and purchase them, Breden Kids sells these on Amazon. To get a 25% off discount, use the following code: AETH-XTK4D5-TUYXQQ


Final Thoughts

Go for it! As you can see from my review, I really do like these hatscarves and the versatility they provide. Although you only see TJ wearing the Green Start balaclava as a hat and a scarf in the pictures above, you can also wear this as a neck scarf. Either way, whether you live in a place that only gets cool a few months of the year or whether you just want this as one of your inner layers to protect your head, face, and neck while hiking, mountain climbing, or even skiing, look no further. This is a great, safe product for toddlers and shipping is free. 

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