Homemade, Non-Toxic, Edible Paints for Toddlers with just Three Ingredients

Here’s a recipe for a simple homemade and edible paints (although, why would you want to eat it when you can paint it!?) for little ones when you are stuck at home on a snowy, rainy, or stormy day or are super exhausted, or pregnant with having to find things to do for older toddlers around or just need a break from running around with the kids.

As a reminder, I don’t always do measurements so I ask your forgiveness in advance. Just use your best understanding of the “flowyness” of paint in general and you’ll know how much water to add.


Tools you need:

      1. A small bowl into which you will pour your flour.
      2. A small pot to “cook” the flour.
      3. A whisk
      4. Small containers to make your paint – I used baby food freezer storage containers that I no longer use for food but made for great paint storage
      5. Food color – I used Wilton 601-1006X Gel Icing Color Set
      6. Water color paper – I used Reeves 9-Inch by 12-Inch Water Color Paper Pad, 35-Sheet
      7. Paint brushes
      8. Felt stickers (optional)
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(all measurements are estimates)

      1. Scoop a cup and half of white flour (I know you can do this with other flours but I have only done this with regular unbleached white flour) in a small bowl. Loosen the contents with a fork. (You may skip step one and pour the flour directly into your cooking pot).
      2. Place a small pot on the stove and drop the flour into it. Pour a cup of water little by little into your cooking pot and stir continuously to make sure no lumps are formed. If they do form (the lumps can be pretty adamant like that), just focus on getting them unlumped as quickly as you can while whisking vigorously.

    1. Keep stirring till they are a good consistency, neither thick nor too runny. A total cook time of maybe 2 minutes. You aren’t really cooking the flour, merely getting your consistency together – as much as say a curry paste.
    2. Turn the stove off and wait for maybe a 1 or 2 minutes for the flour liquid to cool. I noticed that the hotness or coolness did not affect how the paint turned out.
    3. Pour the flour paste/liquid into containers. I poured mine into four of baby food storage containers that neither of the kids now use – OXO Tot Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Containers – 2 oz (I also like these because they have lids and stackable trays. Perfect.)
    4. Now comes the fun part – squeeze the food coloring of your choice into the containers and stir. (Note that the red food coloring makes the paint pink)
    5. Once I had my four colors, I made two secondary colors for a total of 6 colors:
      Red + Blue = Purple
      Red + Yellow = Orange


TJ had fun coloring with these paints. More importantly, I was very relaxed the entire time because I knew exactly what was in these paints and did not worry about them getting on his clothes, fingers, or face. Cleanup was quick and non-messy. These were also ridiculously easy to make. They did take a little longer to dry than regular paint/water colors but once they did, I couldn’t tell if TJ’s final artwork was made from homemade or store-bought paints.



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  1. Okay, I totally want to try this with my 4yo.
    Haven’t quite discovered edible paints yet – so this should be interesting.

    Thanks, Suchitra

    1. It is super easy. Just use maida, water, and food coloring. Of course, I wouldn’t really eat it but if your kiddo does do it, not an issue whatsoever! Let me know how it goes.

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