Blogger Recognition Award

Blogger Recognition Award

In recent weeks, I have twice been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award. As I previously wrote while accepting and gushing over my first peer-nominated blog award, the Versatile Blogger Award, these kinds of awards are something else. While these awards may not have been awarded by an agency that vetted some hundreds of thousands of blogs and somehow found mine award-winning or voted in by thousands of fellow bloggers, these awards are symbols of appreciation from my peers and fellow bloggers whom I follow and who follow me.

So I thank my nominators, MomofTwoLittleGirls and my dear friend and award-winning writer, Hema, over at Hema’s Mixed Bag. Please do check out their blogs. Each one of their posts is unique and fun to read. Thank you so much for the vote of confidence!

Recognition is great and appreciation is just heart-warming so I humbly accept these awards.

As per the rules of the award, I am to provide two pieces of advice to newbie bloggers. I don’t have advice here but I do have some thoughts. Here goes:

  1. Write as if no one is reading. Now, this only makes sense if you write anonymously but it is worth remembering even if you don’t. Once more people start reading your blog, depending on the genre in which you write, you may find yourself censoring or being more cautious with what you put out there. A little bit of mindful writing in this matter is prudent especially since, anonymous or not, you are putting yourself out there and no one really is untraceable if someone really wanted to find out who you are and had the skills to do so.So why would I still “advise” you to write as if no one is reading? Because what you write still matters. To you. As it should. Your blog is your personal space and with some discretion (see above), you should still feel free to engage with it as you choose.
    I have always found writing cathartic. I have also found writing helps me think through things and give words to my emotions. Whether I choose to publish as a post what I write or not, I do write in private posts or even on paper to get my thoughts out. Writing gives my thoughts the space to free flow without judgment. Point is: Write, for yourself, as if no one is reading. Then, what you choose to do with it, is up to you.
  2. Don’t bother with other bloggers’ advice. Take this with a grain of salt. Much as I appreciate how successful some bloggers are, it just doesn’t matter to me how they got there. I have respect and okay, maybe a little envy at times, but that passes and I move on with my life and blog. This is not to say I am full of myself and know all there is to know about blogging, all I mean to say with this “advice” is that in the end, no matter what anyone says, you are IT when it comes to YOUR blog. You can either spend time perusing others’ blogs and learn from reading/looking at what they have on their blogs or go about soliciting advice and take what you want and forget the rest. It’s all a win-win really, save for some wasted time should you not take any of the disseminated advice.All those bloggers out there who write posts like “Ten Ways to Increase Traffic TODAY” or “Here’s how I made $10,000 in one week”….who cares…these are classic click bait titles and reason how they probably (but unlikely) got to where they claim to be. If in doubt, refer to #1 above – Write as if no one is reading. Write for yourself.

I won’t be nominating anybody this time. For my previous nominations, please click here.




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  1. Ha ha. Your second point contradicts your first ! What must I do now? Take your advice and write like no one is reading, or not take your advice and write like people are reading? 😉

    But yes, I agree with your first one. I used to be very guarded about what image of me I portray in my blog, when in my earlier avatar in which my extended family and real-life acquaintances read me. It was getting too stuffy to not be honest in my blog for fear of antagonising or hurting people I knew. There were two ways of dealing with – not give a damn, or go anonymous. I chose the latter. Now I have fewer followers and readers, but none that I can’t be my true self to.

    1. Dang it! I knew I had no business giving advice. Haha…oh well…speaks to my second point, I guess.

      Honesty and just how much to share is always something I consider when writing each one of my posts here. While I do write honestly and truthfully, not being anonymous does make me edit more, that’s for sure, and the reason I have other private or anonymous blogs. Hehe…

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