ThePhdMama Badge

I have been thinking about a brand image for this blog for a while. I wanted it to represent the title, both, the PhD part as well as the Mama part. After a few weeks of trying different variations of designs, I finally created one with which I am content. I hope you like it. I am not certain when, where, and under what circumstances I would use this “logo” but should a need arise, I’ll have one ready 🙂

I hope you like it.


6 thoughts on “ThePhdMama Badge

  1. I like it! Would you share what app you used to create it? I love blogging but I struggle with the tech aspects. I would love to make my own page as pretty as some of the others I see. ?

    1. Thanks so much. I just used stock pictures from Pixabay and used the Preview on my Mac laptop. No fancy app. Just simple copy and pasting. I would have used Photoshop which is my other go-to but that was on a different laptop when I got around to doing this. Start with Preview. It has limited but efficient functions. Good luck.

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