Just Me and My Son – Part II

Read Part I here.

We held hands. He reached his hand out and said, “Hold hand, Mommy”, he said with all his earnestness. It always pleases me when my little boy asks to hold my hand. I will always hold his hand just like I will always pick him up for as long as I am able to.

I was savoring every single second of my walk from the car to the community center and the room where our last session of Music Together was being held for the quarter. The entire morning felt so eventful. I even dressed well for this day. I was going to have a special time with my little guy and I wanted to bring my A game.

We were the first ones there that day. It felt like the time before I had to work around and with Baby E’s nap schedule. Back then, J and I were always on time or a little early. I have still tried to be on time most of the classes this session but missed out on the Hello song the previous two weeks. Well ahead of time, I got J his name tag and also took a reflective picture of J making himself comfy on the mat (the instructor can be seen standing behind me).


Soon after, as others started arriving, the class began. The song following the ‘Hello Song’ was one where accompanying parents have the option to have their kids sit on their laps. I haven’t always been able to do this. Previously, I have done this a few times but couldn’t really do a good job of this with a very pregnant belly. This session, I sometimes put Baby E on my lap; sometimes with her on the floormat, had TJ on my lap; and sometimes I had both, one child on each hold of the lap. Obviously, this meant that in managing two kids, I wasn’t able to move or sway much. Not so this time, I was able to sway and do sitting rolls with TJ on my lap.

It felt wonderful. He was so happy to sit on my lap and I was so excited to have him there. The only tough part about this whole thing was trying to record us moving while holding him with one hand and a phone camera with the other but OH SO MUCH FUN!!

As the session progressed, I was soaking in every sound, every move and movement, and enjoying every syllable of every song. TJ, meanwhile, was having a good time just going with the flow of the class, not always participating but running around the floor mat then running back to me, joining us when he fancied, then running away again…generally having a good time.

When the musical eggs came along, he grabbed a pair each for him and me. As usual, he was a little reluctant to return the eggs and held on to one so I had to later hide it from him and return it when he wasn’t looking.

When it was time for scarves, he swirled them around for a few seconds. Then, he grabbed one and brought it over to me and put it on my head. Then he got one for himself and came into my embrace, sat on my lap, and covered his face with it.


I loved it! The song that we were performing at this time was, “There’s a Little Wheel Turning in my Heart” and its soft, gentle lyrics and melodious tune was perfect to rock my child in my arms. In fact, the instructor even added a line especially for us, “There’s a little child rocking in my arms…” Such a beautiful song and what an amazing experience to be able to do this with my child.

Here is what the song sounds like:

As usual, TJ enjoyed free play with the different instruments. This part is our favorite, both mine and TJ’s, and we look forward to this every class.

Finally, it was time for the Lullaby Song when we both laid down on the mat and took in a relaxing minute. The Goodbye Song concluded our session for this quarter.

I was a little sad that it was over. With all my misgivings and ambivalence toward Music Together behind me, I actually came to embrace the brilliance of programs like these for young kids during this session. I will definitely sign TJ up for the Spring session. Thankfully, since E will be still under a year old, she will be able to accompany us at no charge. Also, by then, she’ll be older, crawling, and who knows, perhaps even walking.

My morning with my son couldn’t have been more perfect. My heart overflowing with the contentment of the 45 minutes we spent together, we happily returned home.


TJ will probably never have any memory of this day but I will and that’s enough for me.

If you are a SAHM, how do you “measure” quality time with your kids? Have you done anything special, just you and your child? What would your ideal alone time with your child be like?


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