Versatile Blogger Award


I was recently nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Paige of Memoirs of the Quiet. Thank you, Paige, so very much for the vote of confidence in my blog and for thinking of me as one of your nominees. I truly appreciate it.

Although I don’t go looking for awards, the awards that come from those who read my posts are the best kinds. Wouldn’t you agree?

So, thank you Paige for nominating me. I humbly accept.

It does appear that like a lot of other blogging awards, there is no criteria other than being nominated by a blogging peer, in order to qualify or win this award. You win when someone nominates you.

Still, there are certain things one needs to do in order to actually “win” this award.


Here are 7 facts about myself

  1. I lived in Japan for a year when I was 17 and it was my first time living away from my family and in a foreign country.
  2. I officially learned French and German for a year and two years, respectively. I thought French was really, really difficult to learn. German, on the other hand, came easy to me and I actually enjoyed the language a lot. I wish I had continued to learn it.
  3. I am an Orange Belt in Karate. I was 11 when I achieved that distinction. Stopped taking lessons soon after for unimportant reasons.
  4. My first job was selling newspaper subscriptions to The Indian Express door to door. I was 15.
  5. Although I haven’t played it in a while, I am really good at Badminton.
  6. I played Cricket for the Pune District Women’s Cricket Team in India and even represented the team against Kolhapur’s team. Although I had great passion and love for the sport (see below), I was never really very good at it.
  7. I once called the hotel where the Indian Cricket Team was staying in Kolkata and pretending to be a journalist, asked to be connected to Ajay Jadeja’s room. I was denied access. I was 14.

There you have it – nothing prolific but these are my facts.

Below are my nominations:

Dear Nominees – Please don’t feel obligated to complete the process if you don’t have the time, are not interested, or just don’t want to do it, period. My nominating you is simply my way of telling you that I appreciate your blogs, your writing, and YOU! Thank you.

1. Hema – Hema’s Mixed Bag
2. Lakshmi – L. G. Iyer
3. Shailaja –
4. Era –
5. Jaibala Rao –
6. Melanie Braga –  Momma Braga
7. Tulika – Obsessive Mom
8. TJ – The Dad Gum Blog
9. Upasna – Life through my bioscope
10. The Unexpected Dad –
11. Daisy Suman – Fertile Brains
12. Emily Bresin –
13. The Mum Reviews
14. Mayra Caju Warren –
15. Brenna – Perfectly Imperfect Mom


Published by Suchitra

I am a former Communication Studies professor turned stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) to two multiracial kids. I write about my adventures in parenting and living a multicultural life with my family. Blogger at: Follow me: @thephdmama

15 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. You did full justice to the Versatile Blogger Award with those amazing facts that speak well about your versatility 🙂
    Congratulations on being awarded and thank you so much for kindly passing it on to me ❤


  2. I completely loved the facts you shared and I discovered we share some bits of a city too :-). French and German, Karate and Cricket and Badminton – whew! You do deserve the versatility award. Thanks for the nomination.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Loved the post. By the way, if you have blogged about your experiences in Japan, can you please share those links? Would love to read.


    1. Thank you. I haven’t blogged my Japanese experiences yet but it is in the works. Better still, fingers crossed that there may be a book about it in a few years 🙂 Thanks for visiting and commenting.

      Liked by 1 person

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