10 Ways My Kids Give Me Superpowers


I am just a random woman to the people I encounter in my daily life and with whom I don’t have much interaction. What those people don’t know is that I carry a secret. Since having kids, I have been blessed with some real world superpowers.

There are days when I feel invincible and then, of course, there are days where those powers, super or not, are nowhere to be found and I just want to dig a hole and crawl into it. On most days though, I bask in the glory of my indisputably enviable mompowers.

There are 10 ways in which my kids give and charge my superpowers. Here they are, in random order.

My kids give me superpowers…

  1. When dressed up or not, made up or not, they just love me, for being mommy.

They don’t care what I look like. I may be in my pajamas all day but that doesn’t have an influence on how I play with my toddler or feed my baby. Make up or no make up, hair done or not, vomit-stained shirt or not, it absolutely does. Not. Matter. They make me feel beautiful, no matter how crappy I feel myself. Everyday.

  1. When I get the biggest, widest, and brightest of smiles from my baby every time she sees me.

She loves me and she makes it known every time I look at her. I just need to glance in her direction and she brightens right up, looking at me expectantly, ready to be picked up or kissed. She coos when I caress her cheeks, and laughs easily when I tickle her tummy. Her laughter and bird-like squeaky sounds are the melodies I will never grow tired of hearing. To me, they are a sign of massive fangirl moments on her part and she is a fan of me, ME!! who is conversely, her biggest cheerleader.

  1. When I am the only who can save the day.

Whether it is to kiss my toddler’s boo boos or calm my baby’s cries, no matter how loving and hands-on my husband is, when my toddler just wants his mommy to put him to bed or pick him up or wipe his tears, I feel good. I feel validated and I feel grateful that maybe I am an okay mom. After all, I couldn’t possibly be such a bad mother if he still wants me.

Despite all my failings, frustrations, and moments where I have simply lost it, all that matters to my child, in his moment of sadness or pain, is being with his mommy, and I hug him gratefully, silently thanking him for forgiving my many imperfections at motherhood and for giving me chances upon more chances to make it right.

  1. When I am able to diffuse a major tantrum like an adult; assertively, kindly, and patiently.

This doesn’t happen as often as I would like but when it does, boy, do I float around like a balloon on Red Bull! I am not a patient person. I have never been and probably never will achieve the meditative calm that some people so effortlessly exude and I am somewhat okay with that. It’s just who I am. With my kids however, I really, really covet that level of patience and every once in a while, I do have those serendipitous times when I am able to calmly talk my toddler out of a massive meltdown, and redirect his attention elsewhere. A major mothering win and a huge boost to my superpowers.

  1. When my toddler makes me feel like Da Vinci or Monet reincarnated

Thanks to my 2-year-old’s (in)ability to draw or color much of anything yet, I feel like a demigod when we do these activities together. I know, it’s kind of sad that I compare my artistic talents to those of my kid’s but hey we’re talking about superpowers I got, thanks partially to him, so there. Besides, I love how he gushes over my drawings of elephants and flowers and houses and butterflies. At least for now, he makes me feel better than the best artistes out there.

  1. When I realize that I can be a living, breathing creative genius (thanks to Pinterest but they don’t know that)

I can bake construction zone and very hungry caterpillar themed cakes. My cupcakes can put the best of The Great British Baking Show contestants to shame and my Kaju Katlis can make any aunty give up making sweets in exasperation. I can make paper crafts as good as the best Origami artist and I can Ike the bana out of my fake plants and flowers. I can make Play-Doh comply to my wishes and create Thomas the Train faces from them. I can certainly build castles in the air but build even better ones in sand.

  1. When I don’t suck at fixing things and on days my mechanical skills are kick-ass

I can Duplo the living daylights out of any piece of plastic. Get me some duct tape. I can unscrew toys, screws, metal hinges, and plugs. I can twist, turn, bend, or break into compliance pretty much anything and everything. Again, where is that duct tape?

  1. When I lift more than I ever thought was humanly possible.

I can carry a 15-pound bag of groceries on the shoulder of one arm while carrying my 15-pound baby in her carseat in the other hand. I can carry that same carseat and baby with one hand while balancing my 28-pound toddler on my hips on the other side. I can’t keep this up for too long but if I had to, I probably will be able to. As in, if I had to run a marathon with my hands occupied as such, my superpowers will fail me but if I had to run to the car in the rain, I could certainly pull that off flawlessly.

  1. When I can make them laugh better than the best of comedians on their best days.

Move over Jerry Seinfeld, Louis CK, Aziz Ansari, Mindy Kaling, and Russell Peters (my favorites). I am a one-stop comedy shop for my kids – I can sing, dance, hop on one foot, juggle, make funny faces, funny sounds, and funny speak – all you have is your shtick. Seeing the laughs (I’ll even accept smiles) from my toddler and big gleeful open-mouthed awestruck expressions from my baby from the antics I come up with, makes me feel ever so powerful.

  1. When an inner voice reminds me, “You did this. You made this happen”.

As I previously alluded, sometimes I do get things right. My favorite time of the day is when we get to hang out as a family. This does not happen every night because of our evening rituals of dinner, baths, and sleep time but some days when everything magically falls into place and we get about 10 minutes to just take it easy and spend quality time together, I find my superpowers getting charged.

I also get the greatest boost when my toddler, upon encouragement, readily accepts my lessons of good manners and respect and says his Thank Yous, Pleases, and Sorrys. Moments like these and more are when my inner voice reminds me just how powerful these two years of motherhood have made me.


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10 thoughts on “10 Ways My Kids Give Me Superpowers

  1. Thank you for reminding me that the last time I felt like Super Woman wasn’t just during my second trimester, it was actually yesterday, today and tomorrow. You nailed it Supermom!!


  2. You know I have thought of it like that but you’re so right to our kiddies we have superpowers and perhaps to others to. It is definetly a case of mum saves the day in our house too and why I don’t have some serious guns for arms I’ll never know, all the lifting and carrying I do! Thanks again for linking up to #familyfun. Hope to see you next week x


    1. Haha…I do have guns for arms I guess if you count mushy, squishy ones with cellulite that wave as hard as the palms affixed at the end of them. Thanks for visiting and commenting I’ll be back next week.


  3. Ahhh yes we all have these powers don’t we!? I must admit to be a fan of pinterest and love the amount of inspiration that I get from it. I’ve been making my boy laugh a lot recently, not that I ever stopped I just find it so unbareably adorable! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun, hope you can come back next week


    1. Pinterest can be so intimidating too. Like…how do every single one of those posts have such awesome pictures? Did an entire generation of mostly women suddenly wake up to their hitherto undiscovered photography skills and start pinning? I do like it though. It is my go-to for creative and cooking ideas. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I’ll be back next week.


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