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Wishing upon a daughter


And then she arrived…just popped out, almost literally. I held her skin-to-skin almost immediately and the only word that came to mind was, “Perfect”. She is perfect. There she was, my little angel baby. My daughter. Words I never thought I would say – I have a daughter.

In the journey of her metaphoric tiny shoes, I see a world of possibilities:

I see a world of kindness and humanity.

I see a world of thoughtfulness and good deeds.

I see a world of gender fairness, and respect for one another.

I see a world of resiliency, hope, luck, and determination in the face of adversity.

I see a world of generosity and selflessness.

I see a world where people can actually count on one another because that’s just how it is.

I see a world without corporate bullies and mean-girls/boys/men/women.

I see a world free of pinkwashing and greenwashing; of overconsumption and materialism.

I see a world that takes pride in itself and in the natural beauty surrounding it.

I see a world without crime.

I see a world where people appreciate each other for who we are on the inside.

I see a world without superficiality and pretentiousness; greed and affluenza; the 1% and the 99%.

I might or might not have wished my daughter into being but I sure wish for her to be all that she ever wants to be, whatever that may be. For her sake, even I, the pragmatic pessimist, is full of hope and optimism.

Note: I wish for all of the above for my son too.


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9 thoughts on “Wishing upon a daughter

  1. A thought we still need to incorporate into so many minds in India even today. Beautifully depicted the possibilities.

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