A Day out with Thomas the Train

Thomas Filter

TJ is obsessed with Thomas and Friends but he does not care much for Thomas himself. His favorite engine is Percy. Today, we had the opportunity to go visit Roaring Camp Railroads in Felton, about 45 minutes from San Jose, and enjoy a Day out with Thomas. Of course, a “day” for us with a toddler and a baby really just means a couple of hours but even that was good.

We booked the early 10:30 a.m. ride on Thomas. I had read reviews about how the ride was overrated and that the day itself wasn’t that much of a good deal. Regardless, as a one time thing to enjoy and make memories from, I figured why not do it now when TJ is actually into the Thomas cartoons. So I booked the tickets some time back and today was the big day!

Somehow our stars aligned and we left for Felton on time (8:44 a.m. – a minute early) and made it there at a great time with very little traffic along the way. The $8 parking to park on gravel was a rip off but what are you going to do?

Once we entered into the main lawns of the Roaring Camp Railroads, there was Thomas and more Thomas everywhere. We went to the Will Call booth to pick up our tickets and within a few minutes of us being there, we heard the familiar, “Peep Peep”! TJ got really excited.

We got in line to take pictures with Thomas even though we weren’t quite sure what we were really doing just then.

J fence Thomas
TJ waiting patiently for Thomas to pull up so we can take pictures.

Pictures done, we boarded Thomas so we could go on our train ride along the beautiful winding tracks that appear to hug the gorgeous Redwood forests. The weather was pleasantly cool and the ride was very refreshing. TJ had a great time looking around and soaking in the cool breeze, the invigorating surroundings, and enjoying the familiar love and comfort of being with his family. It didn’t matter to us that Thomas was not actually the one driving the engine. We were way back in Car # 8 anyway. Still, the train ride was fun just because it was a train ride and for $24 a ticket, though expensive, worth it for the 30 minutes we spent on it.


In addition to the train ride, TJ got to meet and take pictures with Sir Topham Hat (above), get a tattoo of Percy at the Imagination Station (below), play with trains on a train table, and ride a little tractor. We could have spent more time here but it was time to head home for lunch and our usual post-lunch routine of nap time. What an exciting half day of fun!

TJ gets a tattoo of Percy


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