Thank you for tying my shoelace

shoelaces-1417411-1280x960Today, as is typical of most Wednesdays, I was at a library’s story-time with TJ and Baby E. As usual, I was wearing Baby E on my self in her Ergobaby while also keeping an eye on TJ at most times. After story-time ended, the library did their “Stay & Play” session where they provide a whole bunch of toys and kids just hang around playing with them.

During this time, I usually have to be extra vigilant about TJ and help him guard his priced garbage truck (yes, I CAN be that mamma) that he got from the library’s toy shelf, while making sure there is no bullying going on. My kid is much younger and smaller than some of the kids and if an older kid comes to snatch his toy away, that TJ patiently waited to get, I WILL intervene on my child’s behalf and, if he does not want to share it, I am alright with that and won’t make him.

Anyway, content that he was happily playing with his garbage truck with no one around waiting to take advantage of any momentary distraction on TJ’s part, I walked over to my friend whom I had befriended last year during one of these story-times so I could set up a play-date with her son who is also TJ’s age.

As we were talking, she suddenly bent down and before I realized why or what was going on, I found her at my feet, tying my shoelace. I was like, what!? I felt a little awkward, surprised, and very grateful. Just as I am learning to graciously accept compliments instead of being dismissive of them, I am learning to accept help whether or not I think I need it. This was one of those moments. She nonchalantly pointed to Baby E and said, “…carrying the baby”. How absolutely thoughtful and kind of her!!

She has also previously helped me gather and put away a jigsaw puzzle that TJ had thrown around in a fit of anger because it was time to wrap up “Stay & Play”, and held Baby E while I strapped the Ergobaby to myself. To think, I just met her serendipitously. She, a Korean; me, an Indian – Together here in San Jose with our toddlers. Some friendships are just meant to be and I am so thankful for her kindness.

Perhaps nothing would have come of my untied shoelace. I wasn’t even aware they had come undone. Or perhaps, I would have tripped on them and fallen, Baby E in tow, and hurt us both. Like I wrote, I am really grateful. It wasn’t so much the untied shoelace itself, it was her tying them for me that has left this amazing impression of her in my mind. She didn’t have to tie them for me, like most people would do, she could have just drawn my attention to them.

A note about shoelaces:

Shoelaces have caused funny little mental smudges in my brain. As in, for no significant reason whatsoever, they take up a little space in my nearly filled-to-capacity brain. That is to say, even shoelaces have a coveted space in my memory bank.

In the past, I have been reminded numerous times by numerous people whenever my shoelaces were undone. This typically happened in the gym while I was on or about to get on a treadmill. Somehow it always bothers people when they see others’ shoelaces untied. It could be that they are just being good Samaritans. Heck, I have brought untied shoelaces to their owners’ attention too. Still, it is always funny to me that shoelaces are such a big deal.

Of course, one does not need too much of a brain stretch to really understand how much of a big deal they are. Ignore those laces for long and you are bound to fall flat on your face, knee deep (pun intended) in dirt, murk, concrete, what have you.

So here’s to all those good Samaritans and friends who ever dealt with shoelaces, Thank You!

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I am a former Communication Studies professor turned stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) to two multiracial kids. I write about my adventures in parenting and living a multicultural life with my family. Blogger at: Follow me: @thephdmama

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