My angel baby takes her 4m shots #likeagirl


My darling little angel baby girl got her 4 months shots today as well as an oral vaccine and she took it #likeagirl . I was so proud of her!

I scheduled the appointment for today so TJ could be away at school while I took Baby E to the pediatrician. After dropping him off, we came back home and I immediately put Baby E down for a nap. When I went to wake her up at 10:15 a.m., she was already up and gave me a huge “Hello, there!” smile.

I was a little anxious because getting to the doctor’s after 10:00 has been a parking nightmare for me in the past so even though our appointment was for 10:50 a.m. and it only takes me 10 minutes to get there, because I also had to pick TJ up at noon, I didn’t want to cause a domino effect with being late for everything. SO, I got Baby E ready and we were out the door by 10:29 a.m.

Everything went in my favor today. It was just one of those days – when everything goes right. I found a great spot as soon as I pulled into the parking lot. I had just sat down after signing Baby E in at the pediatrician’s office when the nurse called us in, right on time. Usually, the nurse does the small talk and takes the baby’s vitals but today, as soon as he saw that we had been ushered in, the doctor came in himself and took care of business. So, basically, the doctor did her height, weight, and head circumference measurements which was kind of cool. I’ve never had a doctor do the basic “busy” but important work before. He proceeded to do a bunch of other developmental checks and was pleased with her motor and social skills.

After the doctor’s visit, a different nurse came in for the shots. I was nursing Baby E when she came in. Right before that, I gave Baby E a little drip of sugar water that I had prepared at home and brought along. I had read that sugar water alleviates some of the pain from shots so I had started giving this to Baby J right from his very first shots at 2 months, two years ago.

First, the nurse gave her the oral vaccine which Baby E did not like (it is supposed to be cold and she had just had sweet water and breast milk) and she started fussing. With two back-to-back shots, Baby E did cry. I nursed her immediately after the shots and the nurse told me to take as much time as I needed which was nice.

With TJ’s shots, like I do with Baby E, I always insisted on holding him on my lap instead of laying him on the cold inspection table all by himself. I would sing TJ his favorite song (during the shots) and pop a pacifier into his mouth immediately after the shots to calm him down and feed him a bottle of formula after that.

Because Baby E does not take a bottle or a pacifier, I nursed her before and after the shots and this worked too.

She cried for a total of maybe 15 seconds, nursed, and was all smiles again. I caressed her cheeks and kiss-tickled them and even got her to laugh the cutest, best-sounding laughter a mother’s heart can never tire of hearing!

Just like that, her 4 months shots are behind her. She handled it #likeagirl – bravely, with the strength of her little big heart, the courage of her four-month-old self, and the conviction of someone much, much older. I love that lgirl SO, SO much!

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