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I loved finding great deals at consignment sales in Chicago and one of the first things I looked up even before moving to San Jose was to Google consignment sales in my new city and bingo…Outrageous Outgrowns popped up. Then, on one of our zoo trips, I overheard a few mothers talking about volunteering or not at consignment sales. I interjected asking if they were talking about the one two weeks away. One of the women then said that there was another one the very next weekend, called the Lollipop Market that focused on “upscale stuff” only. I was intrigued. I hadn’t heard about this sale and so I looked it up.

Sure enough, their website does not hesitate to proclaim their “upscale” status multiple times. Being the mother of a toddler and the pregnant mother of a future little baby girl due in March (although we didn’t know the sex of the baby until 2 days ago), I definitely needed some things.

So on Friday, October 2nd, I decided to go to this sale – all the way to Los Gatos. Now, bear in mind that I have never driven past the Happy Hollow Park or perhaps Powell’s Candy Store in Willow Glen was actually my farthest. In other words, I have stayed within a certain comfort zone of driving. Driving to Los Gatos was indeed a huge leap of confidence and I was quite proud of myself. I figured, even if I don’t buy anything, just driving to LG and back was enough to make me a more confident driver.

Lollipop Market – This is held at the JCC in Los Gatos and is an easy drive from San Jose. I had a breeze of a parking spot – literally outside the center which was very convenient. They recommend not to bring kids so it’s easier to shop but obviously I couldn’t leave J home so I strapped him into his stroller and off I went with two bags. Once inside, we were offered large Ikea bags to fill up and I borrowed one and good thing I did.

I ended up buying a baby carrier, some toys, Dr. Brown’s bottles, some Dr. Seuss’s books, some maternity clothes, one night suit for J, a Halloween costume, and a stroller. Cost wise, I did find the prices on the higher side compared to Chicago, which while comparable, felt was somewhat less expensive. I was mostly surprised to note how small this sale was. The one in Chicago was probably about 4 times the size of this one. However, I did like the quality of stuff. From the toys to the accessories to clothes, they appeared well reviewed by the staff volunteers and a good deal to buy. They even had designer bags like Burberry (a small one was $500 and a bigger shoulder bag was $1000) as well as designer clothes and shoes that were not maternity or kid related. I guess that’s nice but not sure how many people would actually buy those things.

Anyway, I was glad I went. I did think things were a little expensive but I did think the cost was justified at least in some of the cases because the quality of stuff was good. The staff seemed really nice as did the women I interacted with while browsing around and while standing in line. Even though the check out line was long, it moved fast enough that I wasn’t upset. The conversations I was having with some of the other women in the line made the wait go longer. The process of checking out itself was quick. At the end, they give you a little piece of paper with the number of items you have purchased which the guy at the entrance/exit checks against the items in your bag, you return your Ikea bag, and are on your way out.

As I wrote, I am glad I went and look forward to going to the next one in 6 months to buy more girl specific things now that we know we’re having a daughter 🙂

The following week, as in last weekend, J and I went to Outrageous Outgrowns.

Outrageous Outgrowns – Now, if the sale above was a quarter of the size in Chicago, this one is about 6 times the size of Chicago’s. It’s HUGE and I mean huge. Once you enter into the main room, here again, they lend you Ikea bags that you could even purchase for $0.92 if you want.

Anyway, to your right and left are aisles and aisles of clothing. Girls’ clothes outnumber boys’ clothing understandably. I didn’t care much for clothes at this point. I figured if we do end up having a girl, I’ll come back on 1/2 off Sunday and buy stuff then. As I turned right after the last aisle of clothing, there were gear items like strollers, bicycles, bouncers, swings and such. Behind these and to the side were tables of baby wear, nursing/feeding stuff, stuffed toys, toys divided by age groups, books, shoes, and misc.

I ended up buying a bicycle, a car seat base, a step stool for my nursing chair at home, some cars for J, a Dr. Seuss book, a double stroller that I thankfully saw while I was in the check out line, an Ergo insert, and a few other things like a pack n play mattress cover which we really needed. Since we found out we were having a girl on Saturday, we went to the 1/2 price Sunday sale and this time, I pretty much exclusively bought baby girl clothes, from newborn to 9 months…not too many but just a few really good and helpful pieces like onesies.

Even though this place was really busy on Friday (I got there just a little after 9:00 a.m. when the event was to start and could only find parking at the very back last row), the check out line moved fast enough. Going early was beneficial since I was able to buy a lot of the stuff I needed. I missed out on a bassinet that someone else picked up but I got most of other things so that was good. Again, I am really glad I went to this sale. I was able to buy a lot of things needed in anticipation of the arrival of the newest member of our family early next year.

Final word – Go to each one to see what kinds of things are available and what you really need. Going with a list is good but know that you might end up buying random things you didn’t know you needed until you saw what a good price they were selling for. If you had to pick just one, go to Outrageous Outgrowns, the options are tremendous and the costs are quite affordable. Problem with going on a Sunday is that most of the good stuff is already gone by then. However, if it’s nothing specific you are looking for, the 1/2 off day is a really great deal. I was able to buy a lot of clothes for exactly $80.01.

Can’t wait for the next set of sales in 6 months.


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