Baby J is 19 months, SAHM, and toddler activities

We recently relocated to San Jose and I quit my job to be able to move here with Aaron. This basically meant that I am transitioning from being a professional working mom to a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM), something that I had never in my wildest imaginations considered as a life choice for myself.

Anyway, Baby J turned 19 months last month. NINETEEN months!! My kiddo is growing up. Honestly after the first 12 months when you stop doing the belly number stickers, the months do not seem to matter much unless you count the amazing new things kids learn as part of growing up. There is an exhilarating energy that comes with being part of your child’s journey.

I get to do a lot of things exclusively with my child. We have gone for long stroller walks to newly discovered parks, adventurous first time drives to new places, to the local Happy Hollow Zoo multiple times, and so on. A few weeks ago, we went to Michaels and bought a bunch of art stuff so I can engage J is creative activities. Of course, given that he is only 19 months, he is often more interested in putting his color markers in his mouth than actually using them. However, he knows not to eat them so he always looks at me for confirmation that he shouldn’t eat the colors which is cute. He has recently stopped putting the markers in his mouth and on his paper or the cloth underneath it. I also bought him some felt stickers, design scissors, and gooogly eyes for whenever we do related arts and crafts.

Even ough most of the items above note their use as being for kids 3+, what I like about using them is that he is getting introduced to them at a young age. He is learning to hold markers (I don’t correct his grip yet), draw squiggly lines and circles, understand different colors and hopefully learn their names as I reinforce the names of colors as he uses them, understand the differences between sketch pens, crayons, markers, the use of erasers, and so on. He is learning strong motor skills, learning to peel stickers, stay within the boundaries of paper and so on. I really like spending time with him on art even though it can get annoying at times when he throws the colors on the floor with the cap removed or insists on using an eraser for no apparent reason or wants to spill the entire box of felt stickers but oh well.

In any case, I really do enjoy spending time with him whether it is doing crafts, arts, cars, boat, building blocks or something else. After an initial struggle adapting to being a stay at home mom, I have come around to accepting it. I haven’t embraced it entirely and I still have moments of frustration but they aren’t as intense as they used to be and having a car since Aaron started taking public transportation, has made life way more bearable,


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