Day 8: Winnemucca, NV – Sacramento, CA

Finally touched California soil today!

Welcome to California sign

Photo Credit: Gypsy Journal. Click on the image to go to the blog.

Winnemucca is such a small town that there really is nothing to do. The lady at the hotel’s reception almost seemed apologetic when she said, “All we have is a Wal-Mart” like that is something to brag about but I don’t say this to sound condescending. I have lived in towns where “the only thing to do on weekends is go to Wal-Mart” as if that is some highly coveted museum or bar or concert or what have you. I have lived in small towns for most of the first half of my decade in the U.S. I know how it is. I also know how happy and proud I am of having gotten out of these towns. I absolutely loved my 6 years in Chicago.

Anyway, we left Winnemucca at our usual morning window. The drive to Sacramento wasn’t long but we didn’t really have much to see or do along the way either. Since the Reno outlet mall was only a couple hours from Winnemucca, we decided to stop there. First, we lunched at Olive Garden. I have always been a fan of their endless soup and salad deal. I remember first eating it when the deal was only $5.95. Now, it’s priced $7.99 with breadsticks. I definitely wanted the salad but instead of the soup, I did a small pasta bowl ($6.99) so J could eat as well. Aaron got the same two item deal but with chicken parmigiana sandwich ($8.99). His came with fries but we don’t much care for them so they were left uneaten.

J didn’t do too well but wasn’t bad either. He ate some pasta.

At the fairly huge outlet mall, I exclusively shopped for J. My two stops were at Carter’s and Oshkosh and all together, I bought him 7 pairs of shorts and T shirts. I did go a little over board I think but I was just so excited to shop for him. Because he gets so many hand me downs, for which I am so fortunate, I rarely have to buy him anything. So, when I see good deals or a hole in his collection – as in, he has a lot of 2-3 years stuff but not as many 18m-24m, then I fill in that hole. So that was fun. For me, I did shop a little at the Old Navy outlet which is outside the outlet mall but within its parking area.

From here, we pretty much drove straight to Sacramento. We checked in at our hotel, the Doubletree by Hilton and got our usual complimentary water. They usually give us 2 bottles, but this time they gave a bag of two bottles each for me and Aaron. They also gave us warm chocolate chip cookies. Apparently the guy at the reception said that there were one each for A and me, and two “for the baby”. The naughty baby got wind of the cookies and grabbed a packet, opened it, and started eating. Within a few seconds, he had chocolate all over his face and clothes, including on mine. Looked frikin’ adorable!

After we settled int our room, we just got the stroller and walked to a mall across from the hotel (reminded us of our stay in Dubai where the hotel was across from a huge mall). As we entered the mall, we saw a huge carousel and since J has never been on one (me neither for that matter, at least not one I remember), we decided to let him have that experience. We wondered if he’d be scared, after all he was seated pretty high up on a horse. He seemed amused and excited by the whole experience and newness of it and even gave a few big laughs and open open smiles with gleeful sounds. I loved just standing by him holding him. For $3 (standing was free), it was totally worth it.

After this, we dined at the mall. We had Panda Express. However, no thanks to the cookie, J was not at all interested in his food. He ate some chicken and maybe a noodle or two but then he was done and wanted nothing more to do with any food.

Since we were out of milk, after dinner, we walked back to our car and looked for a Safeway on Google Maps and started driving to it only to have nothing there. Our GPS said we had arrived but there was no Safeway. Frustrated, I just fed J the skim milk we had bought at a random Burger King as an emergency. The poor kid was so tried and hungry, he didn’t care. Again, I am so impressed by how incredibly adaptable my little munchkid is! From breast milk to formula to whole milk to 2% to skim milk, he has adapted just fine without any issues. Touchwood.

Once we got back to the room, it was zzzzz for everyone. After over a week on the road, we had finally touched California soil. Tomorrow we plan on going to see the State Capitol and then drive to our new home. Phew!

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