Day 7: Salt Lake City, Utah – Winnemucca, Nevada

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We had another slightly restless night last night but then we all slept in. By the time J woke us up it was 7:30 am, Mountain Time. After freshening up, we stepped downstairs to have our Hampton Inn complimentary breakfast, which was nothing to write about. Thankfully, all these hotels have oatmeal so I just feed J that. Unfortunately, because I started feeding him oatmeal mixed with sweet yoghurt, he prefers it sweet now. Since this place did not have yoghurt, I poured a little maple syrup in his oatmeal and he was cool with that. I made him a waffle to feed him sans the syrup but he only ate a little bit of it. He definitely likes pancakes over waffles even though they are pretty much the same thing. I ate toast and an English muffin as well as some oatmeal while Aaron had a bagel.

From the hotel, we left for Winnemucca, NV. This was a long drive…about 5 hours. For the first part of the trip, we didn’t stop too much because there really was nowhere to stop. So we just drove until we got to the more obvious salt flats. Aaron had already seen these a few years ago when he practically lived in Salt Lake City for 4 months on a consulting project (also when he first started communicating with me on Match) so he wanted me and J to see them. We stopped by what the state of Nevada considers a state park but is really just a cul-de-sac like concrete roundabout where cars park and take pictures of the salt flats. The flats lay out in front of us for as far as the eyes could see. However what was really exciting was the view of the mountains in the far background. Absolutely stunning! We took some good pictures here.

Bonneville Salt Flats
Bonneville Salt Flats


After our photo ops, we kept driving and soon crossed over into Nevada and immediately gained another hour. We were all hungry but it was really only 10:42 am Nevada time. The place we stopped in, Wendover, barely had any good places to eat unless you went to a casino…I am assuming, I don’t know. So, devoid of choices, we went to a Pizza Hut again, hungry for more salad. Only, this location did not offer a salad bar. The guy said it was because not many people ate it and they just had to throw food away. Fair enough but part of our draw to go to Pizza Hut was the salad. Oh well, so A and I ordered personal size pizzas with one topping (additional toppings even for a 3.5-4 inch pizza was $1.25… Highway robbery!). We also ordered individual salads separately We ordered J his first spaghetti (kids meal) which came with garlic bread that he didn’t care for and a drink. I picked milk for him. Overall, we had a decent lunch.

After lunch, we drove straight to Winnemucca and checked into our hotel, another relatively new hotel, about a year old, Candlewood Suites. Aaron used his Holiday Inn points for this stay. The room was beautiful with a full kitchenette and this one actually had plates, cutlery, glasses, a tea kettle, some pots and pans for cooking, coffee machine, toaster, and a full size fridge. Even though we’re on Pacific Time, our tummies were still in Mountain Time. Amazing how quickly the human body adapts and then re-adapts. Somewhere, there was a little sadness that we had left good ol’ Chicago and Central Time way, way behind.

Even though it was only 5 pm local time, we decided to head for dinner. This time at a KFC since J likes chicken. Before heading for dinner, we stopped in at Walmart to get some stuff for the next morning’s breakfast. We bought some croissants, orange juice individual sizes, strawberry jam for Aaron (he doesn’t like marmalade and we were carrying some from Chicago) and since I noticed it, picked up a Biscoff spread too – our guilty spread pleasure. Then, went to KFC, bought some chicken and a meal and headed back to eat at our room.

After that, the usual routine followed but this time, I had some work to get done so started working on that. Sent my publisher all the signed agreements from the book’s contributors, emailed the contributors info about the content and other authors and with all this taken care of, felt a much better sense of accomplishment.

Turned out, this hotel had complimentary laundry service. You just had to buy the detergent. I was happy to have access to this facility. We did have a load of laundry with the three of us and since I hadn’t had a chance to do laundry since our stay in Rapid City, I figured why not do it. Besides, the hotel was relatively new and at $146 a night (which we didn’t pay thanks to points), it is the most expensive hotel in town with hopefully clean people staying there for short periods. The detergent packet cost $1 and I got some clean laundry for all of us at the end of the day. At night, I worked on updating my travel blog. Even though I am not all caught up yet, I’ll be there soon.

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